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Prime Self Storage

9 customer reviews

Our goal is to provide you with the best service. If you have enjoyed working with us please let us know. And if there is anything we can do to make your experience better we would be pleased to receive that feedback as well.

1 Month Ago
"The facility has many pluses! UPS shipping, fax & copying, but most importantly STORAGE. This place takes pride in what they do that is for sure. Each one of the workers I've met have been very pleasant, positive and so willing to help with whatever you may need. Don't bother looking elsewhere, because they have the lowest prices I've looked around. Just call and ask questions they are always very happy to help you. Rent here for sure!!!"
~C G.
2 Months Ago
"2 stars"
~Gary Stewart
2 Months Ago
"2 stars"
~Gary Stewart
3 Months Ago
"This s the worst storage facility ever, poorly managed, gate is constantly left open and unattended. MY unit got burglarized and I had the insurance but they refused t cover it! It was probably and inside job since they will not let me view the so called video!"
~Donna J.
7 Months Ago
"Great Coustomer service"
~Philip Bellerjeau Sr.
"The management team of ASK has allowed a door to be unsecured for over 60 days despite repeated calls and complaints. They're "waiting for the insurance to process" from the winter storm on 1/23/16. They failed to notify any building tenants of the issue and told me "I don't see the problem, we have cameras". When asked what happens when someone enters the building and cuts tenants locks, maintenance supervisor Jose told me, "that would be covered by insurance". Regional Cynthia asked me to be patient over the weekend and promised to follow up. To date has not called back. Numbers for her have no voicemail. Unprofessional, unacceptable. These people have NO intention of keeping your items "SAFE"."
~Jennifer H.
"Excellent "
~Sunil gandi
"Had to ship out an Xbox one for repairs and Barb packed it and shipped it without hassle!"
~Tony Hall
"I used this place years ago to pack and ship some over-shopping I did while on vacation in Cape May. They were friendly, efficient, and they got my things to me in good shape. This last trip, I suggested them for my friend from No. Ireland, as she had a lot of gifts to ship back home. The place warned us it would be expensive, and it was. My friend could have bought extra suitcases and shipped the goods in them for a whole lot less. Food for thought if you're trying to decide between the two options. This place is a little difficult to find. It's a self-storage facility kind of off the road, so if you're not paying attention, you can easily pass it - which we did. If you start in Cape May, and end up in Villas, you've gone too far! *l* I'm not sure how to describe it, but the two people working there took a little while to warm up after some awkward standing around and waiting for someone to speak to us. They weren't very informative of what they needed from us once they found out the package was going overseas. (Not all of us are savvy on the ways of overseas shipping!) It would have been nice for them to say something like, "Ok, you're shipping all this stuff from here to such-and-such... we're going to need an itemization of contents and their costs" - and anything else they would have wanted from us. Thank goodness we happened to ask a question about it before they had wrapped everything up, else, we'd have had to unpack everything to make the list for them. Eventually, after a while, they became more friendly. To be fair, we did come in at the last part of their day, and kept them after closing... but still... it would have been nice to have the customer service repartee from the get-go. Like I said, this place did a good job for me years ago. This time? Maybe not so much. They wrapped everything up so quickly, I had wondered if it was all secure at the time. I decided to let go of my worries and put faith in the fact they did this kind of packing all the time, and I should just let them do what they do. But, my intuition ruled out and my friend says one of her items was broken upon arrival. Given all that was packed, and how far it had to go, that's actually a good ratio. But, I'm sad for my friend, and I hope that when she contacts the business, they will do her right as the package was insured. Given her strong accent, and unknowing ways of dealing with this type of situation, (from overseas, no less!) I can only cross my fingers."
~Jackie J.