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and must be fully paid by 10am on the date specified below to stop the scheduled auction.


as of 10:05PM, Monday, November 20, 2017

NOTE: Winning bidders may access their acquired property during office hours only. Other restrictions may apply.

November 20, 2017
November 21, 2017
November 22, 2017
November 24, 2017
November 27, 2017
November 28, 2017
November 29, 2017
November 30, 2017
December 01, 2017
December 04, 2017
December 05, 2017
December 06, 2017
December 08, 2017
December 11, 2017
December 12, 2017
December 13, 2017
December 14, 2017
November 20, 2017
12:00 PM
Unit: D0024 , Vance K Hollins
Sofa, table, clock, tool box, chairs, buckets, paintings and bag.
12:00 PM
Unit: #C059 , Siobhan Irvin
Tires, bags, boxes, sneakers, coat
12:00 PM
Unit: J25 , House Auction
Dresser, television, lawn spreader, lawnmower w/bagger, washing machine, child's activity center, entertainment center, shelf, clothes, mirror, printer, misc.
12:00 PM
Unit: A156 , Rahsaan Mosley
Clothes, Misc Items
Unit: G130 , Chelsey Adams
Clothes, Furniture, Misc Items
Unit: D183 , Amy Cundiff
Misc. Tools, Misc. Household items
12:00 PM
Unit: 59I , Jessica Veney
12:00 PM
Unit: F013 , House Unit
Mattress, speaker, boots, furniture and all other unit contents
Unit: K003 , House Unit
Trunk, Table, Plastic shelving, boxes, bags and all other unit contents
12:00 PM
Unit: 00510 , David Passos AKA David E Passos
Piano,Comforter,Fan,Shovels,wet&dry vac,framed pictures,easel,chimney mount vent
Unit: 00383 , Cynthia Fenn aka Cynthia Ann Fenn
two air conditioners, dvd's ,tv,household items.
12:00 PM
Unit: B122 , House Unit
t.v., table, chair, bikes, speaker, riding toy, ironing board, picture, bag, misc.
12:00 PM
Unit: 2024 , Abby Meyer
Totes, Boxes, table, Vacuum, Extension Cord, Luggage, Cooler, Books, Rake
Unit: 927 , Sarah Quann
Couch, Love Seat, Chairs, Mattress, Box Spring, Bags, Boxes, Bed frame
12:00 PM
Unit: 1030 , Dawn Lewis
stand-up chest, lawn chairs, rocking chairs, boxes, totes, cooler, fishing rods, misc
12:00 PM
Unit: 1020 , John Sanford
Laundry Baskets, Boxes, Bags, Totes, Furniture, Couch
12:00 PM
Unit: A31 , Tionna M Thrasher
Furniture, Child's Bike, Boxes, Bags
Unit: C115 , Robert E Gervasio
Suitcase's, Coolers, Trunk, Fishing Poles
Unit: D145 , Crystal Baker
Bags, Clothes, Storage Containers, Misc.
Unit: D179 , Clarence M Philbert
Furniture, Boxes, Large Pictures, Totes, Household Items
Unit: G264 , Fredrick Ray
Toolboxes, Tools, Ski's, Helmets, Speakers, Gas Can's
12:00 PM
Unit: 0213 , Jeremy Johnson
Microwave, refrigerator, dryer, AC window unit, desk, file cabinets, water cooler, chairs, doors, misc. tools, ice tea maker, tables
12:00 PM
Unit: 708 , Coryl Martinsen (abandoned)
Boxes, Totes, Suitcase.
Unit: 714 , Coryl Martinsen (abandoned)
Boxes, Totes
Unit: 066 , House Unit
Mattresses, Dresser, tables, bed frames, headboards, microwave, electronics, fan, lamp, household items, wheel barrel, record player.
Unit: 091 , House Unit
Rug, boxes, lamps, mattress, boxspring, aquarium, dog picture, microwave, household items.
Unit: 106 , House Unit
tv stand, dresser, metal stoves, mattress, misc household items, filing cabinet
12:00 PM
Unit: 00753 , Keiran Collins
Fans, filing cabinet, boxes, chairs, wine fridge, bed frame, shelves, luggage, bags
12:00 PM
Unit: 0137 , Christopher Powers
TV, keyboard and monitor, tool bench, plastic barrels, baby toys, 3 wheel barrels, cooler, sprayer, tiles, shovel
12:00 PM
Unit: 655 , John Martin
Bike, Totes, Mattress, Bed Frame, TV, Printer, Coffee Machine, & Misc. Items
12:00 PM
Unit: I43 , Samantha Martin
bags, HDTV, fish tank, dresser, lamp, large case
12:00 PM
Unit: 055 , LORI SCOTT
12:00 PM
Unit: H164 , Miranda Simons
Vase, Hammock, Box
12:00 PM
Unit: 085 , House Unit
dresser, bureau, rack, ac's, misc tools, misc household items
Unit: 161 , House Unit
tv, car seat, speaker, boombox, cabinet radio, boxes
12:00 PM
Unit: 0043 , Mark Cheeseman
Dresser, tent, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, ramps, chairs, shelves, tool box, tire, speakers, boxes, bags, vehicle seat, small appliance, mattress, boxspring
Unit: 0088 , Samantha Greenwood
Wooden furniture, fish poles, boxes, bags, totes, dresser drawers, toys
Unit: 0031 , Kevin Savard
boxes, totes, televisions, safes, folding chairs, cooler, amplifier, guitar, stands, tackle box, dvd player, collector trucks, rc cars, rc boat, rc helicopter, tapes, air purifiers, back packs, shovel, mattress, box spring, skateboard, cassette player, bags
Unit: 0102 , Carol Becktoft
Totes, boxes, lamp, basket, dresser, dishes, stands, bread box, clothing
Unit: 0001 , John Cholakis
Chair, clothing, books, bags, boxes, bedding, pillows
12:00 PM
Unit: 0555 , House Unit
Bags of crushed marble, flooring materials, misc
Unit: 0891 , House Unit
Bags of crushed marble, flooring materials, misc
12:00 PM
Unit: B28 , Stefanie Murphy
Boxes, Vacuum, Bedding, Furniture, Chair, Pots, Bins, Mirror
12:00 PM
Unit: 4028 , Alexander, William
Boxes, Bedding, tool boxes, door guitar case
Unit: 3165 , Bradley, Francesca
shoe boxes, bags, clothing, luggage
Unit: 1015 , Alexander, William
bedding, ladder, a frame ladder, vacuum, lamp, air compressor, boxes
Unit: 3178 , Tomlinson, Garfield
window a/c, luggage, lamps, furniture, refrigerator
12:00 PM
Unit: G016 , Wesley Colon Santana
Tires, wheels, Chair, Tote, etc.
Unit: J309 , James William Sims
Computer, Monitor, keyboard, TV, electronics, bags, boxes, totes, clothes, etc.
12:00 PM
Unit: 00257 , Copley,John
Unit: 00156 , Findley,Rayna
bike,patio furniture,household furniture,chairs,T.V., multiple boxes, household goods.
Unit: 00363 , Fink,Doug
Arcade,chair,bed frame, dresser, bassinet, totes, tennis rackets
12:00 PM
Unit: 427 , Patricia Doll
toys, bird cage, misc boxes, misc bags
Unit: 232 , Nicola Marshall
furniture, cooler, helmet, bar stools, drums, pool table, tent, mattress, outdoor gear
12:00 PM
Unit: A007 , Theresa Cassetta
Sewing Machine, net, boxes, bins, computer monitor, misc
Unit: C003 , Marcia Weimer
Boxes, crates, dressers, end table, misc
Unit: D012 , Richard Schwartzman Jr
Boxes, bins, window AC, desk, mattress, computer chair, magazine rack, toilet chair, misc
Unit: D035 , Samantha Anderson
Mattress, bed frame, kids bed, boxes, pack n play, coffee table, misc
Unit: G035 , Laura Kellerman
Window AC, mattress, box spring, love seat, chairs, boxes, kid folding chairs, bins, bags, household items, misc
Unit: I013 , Karen Smith
Chests, desk, bags, shelf, Elvis items, boxes, step stool, saw, shovel, guitar, misc
Unit: I025 , Jeannine Shaw
Toddler bed, crib mattress, toys, rug, boxes, misc
Unit: I042 , Marcia Weimer
Toddler bed, crib mattress, toys, rug, boxes, misc
Unit: M028 , Robert Ensley
Desk chair, stands, boxes, bags, shelf, jacks, air pump, misc
12:00 PM
Unit: 0507 , Chad Jones
Snow Blower, Wheeler, AC's Bike, Shovels, Tool Boxes, Tires, Coolers, Returnables, Boxes, Bags and Mics.
Unit: 0308 , Austyn Lanphear
Appliances, Furniture and tote
12:00 PM
Unit: D026 , Lyle Folkes
couch, speakers, cooler, pictures, bags, boxes, lamp, misc.
Unit: D041 , Aja Santana
mattress, table, boxes, baskets, crates, fan, chairs, bed frame, misc.
Unit: A271 , Lisa Martin
lamps, microwave, tv, mattress, box spring, chairs, bags, baskets, misc.
12:00 PM
Unit: 3035 , Ruth Mause
stand-up chest, chairs, boxes, misc
Unit: 2014 , Stephanie Keller
microwave, toaster oven, totes, boxes, stand-up chest, dresser, night stand, table, misc
Unit: 3122 , Arianne Barnes
tote, bookbag, bag of boxes, misc
12:00 PM
Unit: 143 , Gabriel Caponetto
Furniture, Bedding, Boxes, Household Goods and Furnishings, Misc.
Unit: 25 , Jeremy Gryvatz
Musical instruments, metal detector, carpets, clothing, shelving, golf clubs, boxes, bags, household goods and furnishings, misc.
12:00 PM
Unit: 224 , Shimana Wallace
Grill, mattresses, table, chairs, boxes, toy car, art.
Unit: 191 , Antonia Smith
Dryer, bags, totes.
Unit: 050 , Latonya Wakefall
Baskets, speaker box, plastic bins, trash bags, suitcases, kids toys.
Unit: 215 , India Williams
Basket, box, pots, toddler chair, linen.
Unit: 012 , Ikelia Chapman
Loose clothes, table, chairs, couch, love seat.
Unit: 008 , Eldridge Blair, Jr
Vacuum, box, bags.
Unit: 112 , Albert Dugger
Microwave, bed frame, tubs, household items, lamp, rug.
Unit: 167 , Patrick Pfeiffer
Oxygen bottle, toilet chair, boxes, heater, trunk, ladder, TV, pots, shovel, saddle, buckets, monitor, table, screen.
Unit: 055B , George Holloway, Jr
Chairs, boxes, cooler, radio, furniture, mattresses.
Unit: 293 , Julia Crews
TV, guitar bag, plant stand, trash bags, box, kids toys, water jugs.
Unit: 213 , Tonya Tyler
Chair, TV stand.
Unit: 250 , Veronica Cunningham
Chairs, speakers, drum set, shop vac, boxes.
Unit: 225 , Shimana Wallace
Safe, boxes, Christmas ornaments,dresser, wall unit, football pads, lamp.
Unit: 100 , Anthony Harris
Chair, couch, loveseat, bucket.
Unit: 227 , Clifton Humphrey
Bed frame, chair, basket, boxes.
Unit: 182 , Christopher Judd
Blower, weed eater, rake, toy truck, suitcases, boxes.
Unit: 210 , Antonia Smith
Bags, basketball, walker, shoe boxes.
Unit: 279K , Gwendonlyn Knightnor
Mattresses, box springs, grill, table, chairs, book shelf, suitcases, TV, fan, pictures, loose clothing.
Unit: 118 , Lamonda Joesph
Table, chairs, mattress, futon, bike, bed frame.
Unit: 282 , Shannon Thomas
TV, trash bag, bench, toilet chair, fan, milk crates, furniture.
Unit: 309 , Diontra Warren
Mattress, wooden table, toy table, tupperware, bags, kids toys.
Unit: 279M , Gisela Handy
Dolly, kids bike, water jug.
Unit: 217 , Robert Adkison
Fans, lights, suitcases, bags, chairs, crates.
Unit: 333 , Albert Dennis aka Bernard Dennis
Tires, ladders, lawn chair, pressure washer, garden tools, dolly.
Unit: 219 , Robert Fink
Mattress, box spring, fan, crutches, books, pictures, bags.
Unit: 332 , Sherrod J Robinson
Exercise equipment, table, bed frame, boxes, totes, bags.
Unit: 062 , Ernest E Lawrence III
Glass cabinet, post, fish tank, mattresses, milk crates, mirror, stove, box.
Unit: 155 , Randy W Coleman
Book shelf, office chair, bike, ironing boards, file cabinet, tubs, boxes, household items, bags.
12:00 PM
Unit: 328/420 , House unit
tv, dresser,night stand,mattress,table,mirror,misc items
12:00 PM
Unit: 375 , Huey Jones
exercise equipment, bedframes, mattresses, boxes, totes, tools, sports equipment , heater
12:00 PM
Unit: 01D10 , Stephanie J Greene
toys, bags, boxes, air compressor, totes, table, clothes
Unit: 01H07 , Dale Ann Raum
luggage, totes, cooler, bags
Unit: DA021 , Priscilla L Sparks
hand truck, boxes, racks, buckets, trash can, totes, propane tanks
Unit: 07151 , George Ehly
boxes, totes, bags, golf clubs, rug, chair, broom
12:00 PM
Unit: E0151 , Mitchell Harris
Furniture, Box Spring, Lamps, Chair, Luggage, Clothes, and Hutch.
12:00 PM
Unit: C33 , Jennifer Reardon
mattress & boxspring - couch - loveseat - dresser - nightstands - coffee table - toddler bed
Unit: D15 , Gregory Archidiacono
boxes - tires - hedge trimmer - mirror -window fan - suitcase - futon - dresser - microwave - A.C - nightstand - T.V stand - bookcase
12:00 PM
Unit: B150 , House Unit
bikes, riding toy, cooler, doll, totes, basket, boxes, misc.
12:00 PM
Unit: B060 , Robert Jurich Jr.
suitcases, carry on shoes, boots bags
12:00 PM
Unit: 056 , Gary Allard
Fire pit, couch, toys, child recliner, totes, dryer, heater, utility cart, bags.
12:00 PM
Unit: 007195 , Melody Geddings
TV's, tables, chairs, luggage, planter, totes, linens, clothes, propane tank, hand truck, pictures
Unit: 110255 , Timothy Grissett
shelf, TV, small freezer, clothes, boxes, books, hat, blanket, foot spa
12:00 PM
Unit: 1172 , Jessica Manno
Treadmill,dresser, entertainment stand,bags
11:50 AM
Unit: N0476 , Trevor White
Chair, TV, Misc., Furniture, Misc. Tubs, Misc. Bags
12:00 PM
Unit: K0247 , Michael Gingrich
Racks, Misc. Boxes, Kitchen Items, Cooler
12:00 PM
Unit: 502 , Patrick Levasseur
5 Boxes, bench, 2 dressers, floor jack, 2 mattresses, 2 box springs, 3 fishing poles, heater, carpet cleaner, ax, 2 tool boxes, nightstand, folding chairs, kids toys
Unit: 0202A , Joshua Peterson
mattress, box spring, totes, clothing, furniture, shelf, bags
12:00 PM
Unit: 0161 , Pamela Starling
Misc boxes,table
Unit: 0831 , Mandrell Mcgill
exercise equipment,kids bike,misc totes,lawn chair,misc bags,tires,scooter
12:00 PM
Unit: 00675 , Stacey Legasse
Furniture, Boxes, Stereo Equipment, Totes
12:00 PM
Unit: #C048 , John Tinker
Boxes, meat grinder, basket, suit case, wheelchair foot rest
12:00 PM
Unit: 262 , Margaret Smith
Car seat, Exercise ball Chair, Planters, Frames, Step stool,Flag, Toys, Extension Cord
12:00 PM
Unit: 1253 , Alanson Boyd
Shoes and sneakers-shoe boxes-mattress and box spring-vacuum- slow cooker-stools (iron)-toys-bags-furniture-flat screens-tote
Unit: 3149 , Melvyn Drag
Couch-boxes-household items
12:30 PM
Unit: 00448 , Jodie A Clay
Furniture, Boxes, Totes, Pictures, Clothes
01:30 PM
Unit: 00480 , Thomas Atkinson
Power Wheels, Propane Cylinders, Wood, Clothes
12:00 PM
Unit: 4033 , Johnson, Ashley
furniture, boxes, mattress
Unit: 6132 , Ricardo, Manuel
printer, luggage, speaker, totes, boxes, clothing, furniture
12:00 PM
Unit: 0631 , Kaamilya Brown
Kids Motor Scooter, Kids Bicycle, Metal racks, Air Conditioner, Xbox, Walker, Bags
12:00 PM
Unit: A126 , Gregory Schindler
Boxes, bags, misc.
Unit: A152 , Yolanda Dickey
bike, chair, t.v., dresser, bed frame, chest, a/c window unit, bedding, boxes, bags, misc.
Unit: A172 , Omar Collins
couch, t.v. stand, t.v., ironing board, dresser, misc.
Unit: A184 , Gregory Schindler
bags, boxes, luggage, misc.
Unit: A242 , Krystin Holton
table, chairs
Unit: A249 , John E. Allen
kid toys, tables, dishes, totes, rocking chair, bed frame, monitor, lamp, boxes, bags, misc.
Unit: A281 , Jeramy Govea
washer, couch, boxes, totes, night stand, misc.
Unit: B223 , Monique DeJesus
tire, chair, totes, boxes, headboard, toys, shoes, clothes, mannequin, misc.
Unit: B229 , Angelet Ball
vacuum, table, wrapping paper, weight, mop, baseball bat, bags, mattress, boxes, pictures, misc.
Unit: B290 , Steven E. Cabrera
grill, mattress, box spring, bags, misc.
Unit: B309 , Shawn Phillips
lamp, table, chairs, plants, clock, chest, totes, lawn mower, boxes, basket, misc.
Unit: D050 , Marquetta Holly-Dantzler
12:00 PM
Unit: O29 , Megan L Seeley
Household goods and furnishings, boxes, misc.
Unit: H09 , Joel Bosford
Household goods and furnishings, boxes, misc.
Unit: G20 , Abandoned
Household goods and furnishings, boxes, misc.
Unit: G27 , Abandoned
Household goods and furnishings, boxes, misc.
12:00 PM
Unit: B024 , NEIL GRONE
Mics boxes, head/foot board, dresser, misc tools.
Unit: J005 , Richard Hill
Book shelf, tool box, water tank, car parts, tires/rims.
12:00 PM
Unit: B133 , Leonard Morgan
mattresses, furniture, totes
Unit: EC147 , Steven Stone
boxes, books, comic books, bags, furniture
Unit: H113 , Melanie T Collins
clothing, clothing rack x3, totes, golf clubs, golf bag, beach chair, appliance
12:00 PM
Unit: 327 , Adam Laczny
food, clothing, totes, boom box, toys, decorations, electronics, luggage, totes, boxes, household goods and furnishings, misc.
Unit: 335 , Leroy Lynch
Furniture, bedding, office equipment, totes, boxes, household goods and furnishings, misc.
Unit: 4001 , Jeffrey Balogh
Fire Extinguishers, 3+ milk crates of 33 1/3 LP's, Luggage, golf clubs, vehicle bench seat, lumber, boxes, misc.
Unit: 1005 , Joseph Bellino
Refrigerator, furniture, chairs, appliances, household goods and furnishings, misc.
12:00 PM
Unit: 5002 , Jennifer Perseghin
tool box, shelves, cooler, totes, bags, table, misc
Unit: 3089 , Shantel Yates
totes, boxes, mattress, dresser, microwave, table, box spring, bed frame, pillow, mop, holiday items, misc
Unit: 1041 , Adrian Wilson
suitcase, cooler, stereo, totes, boxes, fold up table, clothes, misc
Unit: 3149 , Ronitta Campbell
dining room set, misc
Unit: 4017 , Deborah Takacs
hutch, desk, mirror, dvd player, baby seat, misc
Unit: 2032 , Kelly J. Kim
scooter, four wheeler, dirt bike, misc
Unit: 3155 , Gerald C. Derk
night stand, bed, Christmas items, bench, microwave, boxes, cooler, misc
Unit: 2059 , Sharon Luette
hutch, baby seat, rack, piano, tie down, car mats, rugs, head board, foot board, totes, roller blades, toys, tv, cooler, misc.
Unit: 4012 , Danielle Merritt
lion statue, boxes, totes, chest, bags, misc
Unit: 2050 , John Shinaberry
pool table, pool balls, misc
Unit: 2070 , Kevin Crowley
furniture, video games, mattress, spray paint, dressers, vacuum, rugs, basket, bags, pet carrier, clothes, bed frame, lamp, household items, misc
Unit: 3069 , Diane Tye
cedar chest, bins, walker, boxes, blanket, bags, misc
Unit: 3077 , Wayne Harle
floor lamp, heater, printer, boxes, mirror, misc
Unit: 2103 , Angela Humphreys
shop vac, plant stand, bags, totes, porcelain dolls, suit cases, misc
12:00 PM
Unit: 138 , John Benson
tool bag, tool box, power saw, table saw, yard tools, painting equipment, wood, ladder, nail gun
12:00 PM
Unit: 230 , Kenyatta Hudson
heater, boxes, tables, bed set, TV, dresser, night stand, mirror
12:00 PM
Unit: F35 , Ricardo Miller
couch - blanket - pillows - bin
12:00 PM
Unit: 3327 , Jackson, Deon
stove, dishwasher, shoes, clothing, hand truck,tool case
Unit: 2305 , Griffin, Rashad
bins, bicycles, treadmill, furniture, luggage, boxes
12:00 PM
Unit: C52 , Sean Caron
snowboard - TV - washer and dryer - tool chest - bags - lamps - chairs - table - dressers - love seat
12:00 PM
TV, boxes, bags, totes, cabinet, lamp, kids toys, mirror
Unit: B056 , Thomas McLaughlin
exersaucer, boxes, bags, toys
Unit: K012 , Natalie Petrucci
furniture, cabinet, bed
12:00 PM
Unit: G1401 , Anna Gallagher
12:00 PM
Unit: 535 , Jennifer Marie Goodman aka Jennifer M. Goodman
two sofas, pillows, clothes, vacuum, two mattresses, headboard
12:00 PM
Unit: 1005 , Rob Hawke
clothes, painting equipment, fan, coolers, lawn chairs, totes, boxes, speakers, ladder, lawn equipment, furniture, household goods
Unit: 1232 , Odessa Lawry
Bags, totes, luggage, cart, household goods
12:00 PM
Unit: H115 , Kathleen Richardson
tools, table, ladder, exercise stuff, shampoo cleaner