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Storage Treasures
Auctions held at: • OR • and must be fully paid by 10am on the date specified below to stop the scheduled auction.


as of 10:29AM, Monday, December 05, 2016

NOTE: Winning bidders may access their acquired property during office hours only. Other restrictions may apply.

December 05, 2016
December 06, 2016
December 07, 2016
December 08, 2016
December 09, 2016
December 12, 2016
December 13, 2016
December 14, 2016
December 15, 2016
December 16, 2016
December 19, 2016
December 21, 2016
December 27, 2016
December 28, 2016
December 29, 2016
December 05, 2016
10:00 AM
Unit: 0104 , Gregory Dinsmore
motorcycle parts, tools, clothes, misc boxes
Unit: 0154 , Samantha Smith
furniture, washer, freezer, misc boxes, clothes
10:00 AM
Unit: F013 , Melinda Edwards
bed frame, toys, TV, boxes, totes, tools
Unit: J313 , Yalitza Cuevas-Valentin
Unit: J001 , Frankie Oquendo
sofa, chairs, bed frame, mattresses, totes, air conditioner, furniture, toys, clothes
10:00 AM
Unit: 0945 , Heather McNally
pictures, totes, boxes, bags, hutch, home décor, bike, copier, microwave, blankets
Unit: 0401 , Christina Maria Sobota aka Christina Sobota
boxes, totes, TV, curio cabinet, mattress, box spring, laptop, bags, dresser
Unit: 0308 , Taylor Ann McNeal
totes, boxes, furniture, DVD's
Unit: 0801 , Willie Winstead
Unit: 0202 , Kimberly Esnouf
10:00 AM
Unit: 412 , William F. Pina
boxes, couch, crock pot, dressers, TV stand, chairs, mattress, chest, table, headboard, clothes
Unit: 139 , Jan M. Bairos
dresser, bed frame, headboard, footboard, coffee machine, camp chair, laundry basket, bag, mattress
Unit: 350 , Sonya McCollum
washing machine, mirror
Unit: 503 , Stacy L. Wetherell
TV's, toys, chairs, boxes, bags, totes, lamps, space heater, TV stand
10:00 AM
Unit: 696 , Ashley L. Cataldi
household furniture, toys, boxes, bags, shoes
10:00 AM
Unit: 903 , Alexander Patane
Sunnybrook RV
Unit: A522 , David W. Hughes aka David Hughes
sofas, TV
10:00 AM
Unit: E015 , Kirk Vanier
boxes, shelves, sleeping bags, glass items
Unit: E011 , Richard M Vanier (deceased)
furniture, mattress, box spring, shelving unit, boxes, books, lights
10:00 AM
Unit: K010 , Kay Baughman
bags, chest, rocking chair, wood
Unit: K017 , Joe Zeidler
chairs, boxes, shelving, cabinet, misc items
Unit: J003 , Michael J. Dersch
boxes, bags, totes, misc items
Unit: G001 , Rachel A. Wolf
TV, hoses, mattress, clothes, boxes, totes, beds, chair, toys, misc items
Unit: D024 , Matthew Thorn
couches, boxes, totes, computers, misc items
10:00 AM
Unit: 131 , Rowena Morman
couch, loveseat
Unit: 282 , Helen Pyles
boxes, plastic ware, laundry basket, bird cage, bags, boxes
Unit: 231 , Thomas Braxton
tarps, table, chair, bike, shopping cart, pictures
Unit: 173 , Samuel Ross
TV, aquarium, chair, gas cans, bedframe, mirrors, bike, cooler, heater
Unit: 206 , Saul Banks
coffee table, dining chairs, buffet, table lamps
Unit: 228 , Aster Ramsey
shelf, wall unit, radio, grill, laundry basket, duffle bags, TV stand, pillows, jackets, vacuum
10:00 AM
Unit: 0433 , Steven J. Powers
boxes, shoes, electronics, luggage, bags, tote, furniture
10:00 AM
Unit: 424 , Nicole Lavare aka Nicole T. Lavare
bed, bags, totes, baby items, boxes, household, misc
10:00 AM
Unit: M131B , Theresa Foster
ladder, totes, shop vac, keyboard, floor jack, bags, umbrella, boxes
10:00 AM
Unit: I039 , Terry Kuntz
loveseat, chairs, TV, furniture, bikes, stroller, air hockey table, stools
10:00 AM
Unit: 508 , Rudolph George aka Rudolph A. George
TV stand, mattress, box spring, totes, microwave, pictures, misc
Unit: 656 , William Hilts aka William Lance Hilts
totes, bags
10:00 AM
Unit: K130 , Kwinn Wilson aka Kwinn D. Wilson
boxes, totes, furniture, sports equipment
Unit: F129 , Jackie Coombs
bags, boxes, totes, toys, clothing
10:00 AM
Unit: B159 , Charlotte King
boxes, baskets, toys, dresser, organizing drawers, clothes, bags, washer, misc items
Unit: B177 , Desemer Robinson aka JR Robinson
mattress, grill, ottoman, bags, box, flooring, lamp, shelf, box spring, misc
Unit: A187 , Ghazi Rogers
couch, pillows, microfridge, chest, misc
Unit: A190 , Timothy Madison
furniture, totes, bags, misc
Unit: B207 , Cheron Thomas
mattresses, box springs, coffee table, TV's, boxes, misc
Unit: A139 , Anna Wilson aka Anna Kristine Wilson
boxes, bags, totes, microwave, clothes, shelf, mini bike, toaster oven, monitor, misc
10:00 AM
Unit: C022 , Kathleen Whitcomb
household items
Unit: K030 , Gina Simeonie
household items
Unit: K055 , Shannon Dubuc
household items
10:00 AM
Unit: 134 , Anthony A. Cochet
boxes, mattress, box spring, desk, chairs, couch, computer chair, trash can
10:00 AM
Unit: 0667 , Caleb A. Sorensen aka Caleb Sorensen
furniture, bedding, bags, boxes, misc
Unit: 0445 , Morgan Mathison
TV's, furniture, bedding, mower, fishing pole, clothes, misc
Unit: 0438 , Marta I. Maldonado
furniture, safe, boxes, bags, totes, household items, bedding
Unit: 0467 , David Suess
TV, bedding, furniture, household items, toys, tools, guitar, computer parts
10:00 AM
Unit: 655 , Shakeera Hardison aka Shakeera T. Hardison
mattress, box spring, bed frame, dresser, A/C
10:00 AM
Unit: E8 , Carl Godfrey
TV, outdoor radio, cooler
10:00 AM
Unit: 030 , Alexandria Wells aka Alexandria A. Wells
dolly, stroller, lawnmower, gas jugs, chain saw, misc equipment and tools
10:00 AM
Unit: 282 , Alicia Morgan
bottle, baby items, toys, lamps, movies, clothes, boxes
10:00 AM
Unit: A176 , Anna Yusko
mini fridge, metal detector, electronics, books, boxes, bags, totes,
Unit: 202 , Keiah Barnes
totes, boxes, ironing board, vacuum, radio, water cooler, picture frame
Unit: A236 , Ron McIntosh
boxes, bags, totes, TV, dresser, woodstove
Unit: 122 , Cristina Feeney aka Christina Feeney
paint supplies, bikes, rakes, saws, fishing poles, pressure washer, mattress, baby items, household furniutre
Unit: A160 , Sharon Ackerman
boxes, totes, stroller, Christmas decorations, mini fridge
Unit: A166 , Mark Robinson
boxes, filing cabinet, plastic shelving, totes, clothing, computer tower, misc
Unit: 232 , Francis Cruceta
boxes, bags, household items
Unit: B146 , Desmond Williams aka Dez Williams
totes, bags, boxes, furniture
Unit: 114 , Victoria Wertz aka Vickie Wertz
household items, furniture, boxes, bags, totes, misc
Unit: 254 , Melissa Strick
boxes, bags, totes, misc
Unit: 309 , Michael Kreloff
boxes, bins, misc
10:00 AM
Unit: 0319 , Christine L. Norige
boxes, TV, toboggan, clothes, tubs, tables, toys, spreader
Unit: 4023 , Carl Johnson
tool box, coffee maker, 8tracks, tools, ladder, hose, extension cord, VCR tapes, TV, boom box
Unit: 0321 , Christine L. Norige
beds, fan, chairs, sewing machine, toys, table, shelves, books, monitor
Unit: 0324 , Mary Jane Rose
hose, hose reel, cabinet, tub, toys
10:00 AM
Unit: B128 , Randy Rauhauser
dryer, TV, furniture, mattresses, chairs, boxes, bags, table, dresser
Unit: D004 , Carrie Overton
furniture, mattresses, chairs, couch, boxes, toys, suitcase, home décor, clothes
10:00 AM
Unit: 441 , Samantha Carr aka Samantha B. Carr
sneakers, clothes, basket, tote
Unit: 601 , Dawn McWilliams aka Dawn M. McWilliams
boxes, fan, bags, totes, jacket, flashlight, microwave, safe, clothes, misc
Unit: 500K , Karin KiKendall aka Karin B. KiKendall
totes, bags, boxes, race cars, lamps, stands, misc
10:00 AM
Unit: M29 , Jonna A. Germain aka Jonna Germain
boxes, bins, electronics, household items, art, household furniture, clothing
10:00 AM
Unit: R03 , Noelle Edwards
boxes, bins, clothing, appliances, household items, household furniture
Unit: O32 , Mitchell Williams
boxes, bins, electronics, clothing, personal effects, household items, household furniture, art/decorations, toys, kid/baby items
Unit: N22 , Amber Colvin
boxes, bins, sporting equipment, household items, bikes, household furniture, kid/baby items, toys
Unit: O26O27 , Seth Kelly
boxes, bins, electronics, tools, personal effects, tires, household furniture, automobile parts, dolly
Unit: N06 , Tammie L. Smith
tanning bed, boxes, bins, electronics, misc items
10:00 AM
Unit: 155 , Randy W. Coleman
bike, file cabinet, totes, shelf, buckets, American flag, pictures
Unit: 229 , Leroy Blow
treadmill, speakers, weights, boxes, laundry basket, totes
Unit: 004 , Christian Silverio
painting equipment
Unit: 338 , Tabitha Meis
bike, wet vac, tool chest, totes, bags, boxes
10:00 AM
Unit: 3079 , Brian Walker
lamps, chairs, TV, washer, dryer, pictures, totes, microwave, dressers, mattress, suitcases
10:00 AM
Unit: 306A , Penny Gasparac
table, chairs, boxes, couch, tote, appliance, bag
Unit: 127C , Melanie M. Blenaru
toys, bags, lamp, basket, boxes, totes, shelves, table, chairs, baby items, exercise equipment
10:00 AM
Unit: 648 , Shauntia Alexander
rechargeable motorcycle, stuffed animals, laundry basket, bags, inflatable mattress, clothing
10:00 AM
Unit: I159 , James Hicks
TV's, vacuum, air mattress, clock, ironing board, totes, boxes, books, duffle bag, bag, TV stand, glass table top
10:00 AM
Unit: K131 , Tanika T. Crandell
boxes, totes, mattress, furniture, toys
Unit: J108 , Tiffany Rizzo aka Tiffany A. Rizzo
boxes, bags, furniture, washer, dryer, mattress
Unit: G126 , Nicole Curry
boxes, bags, totes, toys, bicycle, grill
10:00 AM
Unit: L022 , Anna Shaffer
bags, shelf
Unit: D022 , Ariana Santos
vacuum TV, bags, couch, pillow, storage bin
Unit: N003 , Kathy A. E. Taylor
freezer, boxes, bags, bed frame, chest, dresser, lamp, coffee table, microwave
10:00 AM
Unit: V01 , Ralph W. Flewelling III
snowmobile, electronics, clothing, personal effects, household items, furniture, outdoor/garage/construction equipment, kids/ baby items, toys, automobile parts, boxes, bins
Unit: S07 , John Tyminski aka John Timinski
boxes, bins, electronics, clothing, personal effects, household items, household furniture, art/decorations, baby/kid items, toys,
10:00 AM
Unit: 2013 , Karen Spoering
bedding, luggage, boxes, television trays, pillow, household items
10:00 AM
Unit: G013 , Frank J. Sienkiewicz (deceased)
air conditioner, TV, furniture, refrigerator, cookware, boxes, tools, totes
Unit: F043 , Rodney Bowers
refrigerator, boxes, mattress, box spring, furniture, TV, toys, cleaning items, vacuum, lamps
10:00 AM
Unit: 109F , James K. Runyon
steam cleaner, cushion, mirror, clothes
Unit: 408 , Barbara F. Bradley
boxes, totes, Christmas decorations, shelf, laundry baskets, tables, suitcases, bags, arrows, chairs, swimming noodles, drawers, fire place tools
10:00 AM
Unit: 519 , Efrain Torres
pool table, pool sticks, misc
10:00 AM
Unit: 00323 , Darlene Moore aka Darlene E. Moore
electronics, chair, household items, furniture, totes, boxes, luggage
10:00 AM
Unit: 332 , Cassandra Mackey
car seat, end table, entertainment tables, totes, clothes