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and must be fully paid by 10am on the date specified below to stop the scheduled auction.


as of 6:37AM, Thursday, August 17, 2017

NOTE: Winning bidders may access their acquired property during office hours only. Other restrictions may apply.

August 16, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 19, 2017
August 21, 2017
August 22, 2017
August 23, 2017
August 24, 2017
August 25, 2017
August 26, 2017
August 28, 2017
August 29, 2017
August 30, 2017
August 31, 2017
September 05, 2017
September 06, 2017
September 07, 2017
September 08, 2017
September 12, 2017
September 13, 2017
September 27, 2017
August 16, 2017
12:00 PM
Unit: A006 , Tasha Lyter
bags, boxes, totes, baskets, lamps, mattress, night stand, clothing, vacuum, misc.
Unit: D025 , Donald Jones
hand truck, ladder, tool boxes, shelf, fan, suitcase, chairs, boxes, bags, ironing board, lamp, table, misc.
12:00 PM
Unit: M15 , Susan M Wittek
household goods and furnishings, boxes, misc.
12:00 PM
Unit: 03019 , Shannon MacKenzie
Lamp, dressers, Mirror
12:00 PM
Unit: 1011 , Daniel Cocca
Pre-owned - Deep Fryer, Tools, Stove, Toys, Fishing poles, Misc Household Goods
Unit: 1115 , Calvin Bratcher Jr.
Pre-owned - Misc Household Furniture
Unit: 1003 , Pablo Zabala
Pre-owned - Golf Clubs, Misc. Wood Trim, Dishwasher, Misc. Tools
Unit: 813 , Ryan Johnson
Pre-owned - Piano, Misc. Bedroom Furniture, Mattress, Misc. Electronics, Misc. Tools, Misc. Household Goods
Unit: 820 , Amber Wilkins
Pre-owned - Mattress, Toys, Totes, Baseball Cards, Games, Misc. Household Goods
Unit: 446 , Eric Perkins
Pre-owned - Household Furniture, Child Car Seat.
Unit: 433 , Michael Aleci
Pre-owned - Misc. Tiles, Furniture
Unit: ODS43 , James Petersen
Pre-owned - Scrap Only - 1982 Fleetwood RV FL Tag E272GY, VIN# 1GBJP37J83314082
12:00 PM
Unit: 09000 , House unit
12:00 PM
Unit: 0502 , David Amorin
Totes, Washer , Dryer, Recliner, Tables, A/C, Couch, Clothes, Lamps, Bed
12:00 PM
Unit: 447 , Justin Stewart AKA Justin Thomas Stewart
Unit: 405 , Tonya McNeill-Warren AKA-Tonya Denise McNeill-Warren
Night stand,TV,Boxes,Bags
12:00 PM
Unit: 0239 , Megan Pond
Tote, Case and Animal Carrier
Unit: 0342 , Dashine Moore
Air Conditioner, Microwave, Furniture, Shoes and shoe boxes, Luggage, Bedding and Misc.
Unit: 0229 , Catherine Brignoni
Cat tower, Aquarium, Mirror, Shelves, table, gas can,ladder, Bags, Boxes and Misc.
12:00 PM
Unit: 1078 , House Unit
Desk, File Cabinet, Shelves, Furniture, Boxes
Unit: 064 , House Unit
Boxes, Totes, shelves, lawn equipment
Unit: 1062 , House Unit
Furniture, File Cabinet, Sewing Table
Unit: 1061 , House Unit
Wheelchair, Totes, Chair, Misc. goods
12:00 PM
Unit: G0173 , Stacy Pollard-Bush
child car seat, scooter, china hut, misc. boxes, wheelchair, child high-chair, and misc tools.
12:00 PM
Unit: 2054 , Janie L. Low
household goods, totes, bags, workout equipment, boxes, toys, lamps, furniture.
12:00 PM
Unit: K009 , Carl Kelly
PC monitors, totes, Suit cases, household items and Misc items
Unit: H083 , Warren Fields
Plastic plant, bags and Misc items
Unit: H007 , Lavar A. Hayes
Unit: G083C , Rochelle D. Stafford
Couch, Kids gate and Misc items.
Unit: F076 , Ronald L. Gains
Mattres, fans, step ladder, grandfather clock, tv, stereo, safe, yard tools and misc items
Unit: B041 , David jhingory
Clothes, suitcase, totes and bags
Unit: B010 , Pauline Jessop
Washer, fridge, bike, totes, toys, stroller, household items and misc items
12:00 PM
Unit: 5024 , Jeannette Witherspoon
couch,chair,misc bags,table,misc totes
Unit: 0307 , Robert Whitefield
folding chairs,tires,misc totes,fishing rods
12:00 PM
Unit: 604 , Brian& Elizabeth Sheppard Aka Brian Sheppard Aka Elizabeth Sheppard Aka Elizabeth Anna Sheppard
Tables, Chairs, Couch, Lamp, TV, Cabinet
12:00 PM
Unit: G173 , Rafael A. Ibanez-Hernandez aka Rafael Ibanez
Caulk Tubes, Tires, Rims
12:00 PM
Unit: 310 , Kevin Teiken
Suitcase, Bin, Blankets, Boots, Backpack, Misc.
12:00 PM
Unit: A007 , Kevin Young
Boxes, totes, bags, stove, furniture, drywall, lawn mower, weed wacker
Unit: J039 , Daryl Flood
Chairs, copiers, totes, boxes, home decor
Unit: F013 , Lisa Carroll
Totes, bags, boxes, furniture, washer,dryer, chairs, AC, Tv, grill, books
Unit: D012 , John C Shindledecker
Picture, totes, boxes, ceiling fan, bed, chairs, home decor
Unit: C005 , Rosalind Anthony
Totes and Gardening tools
Unit: C033 , Jawan T. Mathews
Bags and totes
Unit: B045 , Lilease Reid
China cabinet, dining room set, TV, chairs, boxes and totes
Unit: C026 , Gerhardt Penn
Boxes, totes, furniture, crates
Unit: B031 , Anthony Davis
chair, clothes, heater, totes, suitcase and misc items
Unit: B029 , Kevin Young
Mini fridge, microwave, clothes, mattress
12:00 PM
Unit: 3209 , House Unit
Refrig, baby items, tires, misc
12:00 PM
Unit: B017 , Susan Brewer
Clothes, Hangers, Boxes, Vacuum, Lamps, Totes, Garden Hose, Mirror
12:00 PM
Unit: 646 , Matt Lash
clothes,boxes,exercise equipment,sports equipment,TV,furniture,golf clubs
12:00 PM
Unit: 218 , Tanika Cinelli
boxes, tool case, car parts, bow case, mic stand, speakers, cooler, furniture, laundry baskets, books, roller blades, and bags
12:00 PM
Unit: D017 , House Unit
electronics, bags, boxes, totes, books, etc
12:00 PM
Unit: 3052 , Linda Redcross
exercise equipment, generator, furniture, boxes, electronics.
12:00 PM
Unit: G012 , House Unit
couch, chairs, dresser, stroller, toys, pack n play, corner cabinet, etc
12:00 PM
Unit: 0516 , Stephanie Cerulli
Unit appears to contain: Furniture, boxes, bins, clothes, suitcases
Unit: 0720 , Teshaun Rodriquez
Unit appears to contain: Bed, dresser, pool table, hutch, furniture, boxes, bags
Unit: 0881 , Helen McNutt aka Helen R McNutt
Unit appears to contain: bags, suitcases, bins, christmas items
12:00 PM
Unit: 0302 , Qushanda Johnson
Bike, Fan, Large toy car, kids pool, box spring, bed frame, fish tank, boxes, misc
12:00 PM
Unit: 324 , Eric Bell
Bedding, radio,dresser,boxes,tire, bags, dvd player, tv, dvds, vhs tapes, table, portable ac unit
Unit: 309 , Celeste Simmons
bags, shoes, pots, suitcases
Unit: 252 , Henrietta Sprual
tv clothes boxes furniture electronics tools baby items household items
Unit: 359 , Itzchak Leizerowitz
pink pong table boxes shelf rack bookshelf chairs
12:00 PM
Unit: C0079 , House Unit
Bags, Bins, Phone Books
10:00 AM
Unit: F235 , House Unit
Couch,Mattress,Dresser, Vacuum,Chairs,Bed Frame,Recliner,Table
12:00 PM
Unit: C018 , House Unit
boxes, bags,totes, shoes, toys
12:00 PM
Unit: 711 , Robert Harvey
Sofa, Bed, Mattress, Printer, Night Stand, Totes, Boxes, Television, Weights, Shelving
Unit: 059 , Erica Brousseau
Totes, Boxes, Clothing, Cargo Straps, Motorcycle Windshield
12:00 PM
Unit: 00348 , Arthur L Henning
Bicycle, Door, Clothes, Bags, Shoes, Pool stick, Fertilizer spreader, Crates, Radio, Lamp shade, Tools, Cooler
Unit: 00247 , John Rapp
Bathtubs, Tools, Lawn mower, Rototiller, Fridge(mini), Toilet, Vacuum, A/C, Air compressor
Unit: 00048 , Jose Manuel Garcia
Pillows, Clothes, Tote, Misc.
12:00 PM
Unit: K293 , Zackary Bryant
Bags, Baby Items, Table Chairs, Electric Heater, Washer, Dryer, Totes
12:00 PM
Unit: 0495k , Steven Worth
TV, amp, router, bags, heater, stereo equipment
12:00 PM
Unit: 07169 , Kelly Fairwell
bike, tables, boxes, box spring, file cabinet, tote, ironing board
Unit: 14374 , Rebecca Willard
totes, bags, crib, camo jacket, boots, christmas decor, boxes
12:00 PM
Unit: 3009 and 3011 , House Unit
Vacuum, Moving Jacks, Tool Chest, Cordless Tools and Boxes, Misc. Hand Tools, Mattresses, Rolling Nuts and Bolts Organizer, Rolling Tool Bench, Jig Saw, Sawzall, Cordless Radios, 4 ladders-2 12ft and 2 8ft, Cabinets with nuts, bolts, rivets, etc., Drill Press, Job Basket, Tables
12:00 PM
Unit: 178 , Daisy Harmon
Small bike, small pocket bike, tires, speakers, boxes, totes.
12:00 PM
Unit: 140 , Adam Beattie
Furniture, Boxes, Mattress.
12:00 PM
Unit: A267 , Mary Cooper
Household Items, Bike, Pictures, Boxes, Bags, Bins
Unit: A225 , Chentellee Madden
Matresses, Boxes, Misc
Unit: B104 , Sam Rodriguez
Household Items, Electronics, Toys, Boxes, Bins
Unit: B211 , Kristen Neiger
Household items, Exercise equipment, Bike, Outdoor furnature, Boxes, Bags, Bins
Unit: B268 , Gisela Marengo
Household items, Electronics, Vases, Misc, Bags, Boxes, Bins
Unit: B135 , House Unit
Shelfing, Electronic equipment, lighting, exercise equpiment, tables, Misc Items
12:00 PM
Unit: 00537 , Erich Sbraccia
mufflers, hockey sticks, dresser, suite case, duffle bag, boxes, bags, totes.
Unit: 00496 , Meredith Rennie
table, chairs, couch, love seat end table, dresser, clothes, snow blower, Christmas ornaments, mattress
12:00 PM
Unit: E151 , Latia Matthews
Washer, dryer, ladder, furniture
12:00 PM
Unit: C069 , Douglas Kirby
Boxes, totes, tools
12:00 PM
Unit: B112 , Angelic Horn
Furniture, Stove, Refrigerator, TV, Couch, Chairs, toys, vacuum, Boxes, Home Decor, etc.
12:00 PM
Unit: 0207 , Felicia Sistrunk
Unit: 0910 , Carolann Reedy
Box springs, mattress, mirror, boxes, small cabinet, stool, bed frame, misc
Unit: 0558 , Brian Adams aka Brian K Adams
Mattresses, TV's, Computer Monitors, Speaker, boxes, bags, fan, chairs, washer, ice skates, fishing pole
12:00 PM
Unit: 055 , LORI SCOTT
12:00 PM
Unit: B157 , Matthew E. Rosenblum
12:00 PM
Unit: D18 , Tonitaila Evans
bed frame - ironing board - boxes and bags
Unit: I07 , Elizabeth Hall
tv - tubs - stove - microwave - couch - furniture
Unit: L04 , Eyal Tsarfaty
sign - saw - showcase w/ characters - dollies - vacuum - ladder
12:00 PM
Unit: 09000 , House Unit
12:00 PM
Unit: A00014 , Julie Lefler
House hold items, misc furniture, tools, wood, gardening tools, mattress, chairs, printer, vacuum, misc boxes, misc bags.
Unit: 610I , Hassan N Washington
Misc house hold items/furniture, misc kids toys, kitchen appliances, bed frame, misc boxes, table, coffee table, misc tools.
12:00 PM
Unit: N033 , James Jenks
Misc furniture, misc boxes, news papers, old windows.
Unit: A034 , Tamika Anderson
Clothes in hampers, misc bags, photos.
Unit: D009 , Charlee Rich
Misc house hold items, mattresses, box springs, misc tools, misc boxes.
12:00 PM
Unit: B006 , Kanetra Towns
Misc furniture, mattress/box springs, couch, kids beds.
Unit: B035 , Makeisha Holley
House hold furniture, clothes, vacuum, mirror, house hold decor items.
12:00 PM
Unit: 02026 , Danisha Danielle Edwards aka Danisha Edwards
12:00 PM
Unit: A006 , Dalton Myers
Sofa, Loveseat, Furniture, Boxes, Bags, Totes, Silverware, TV, Entertainment System
12:00 PM
Unit: M315 , Richard J Murphy AKA Jay Murphy
Shelving, Tables, Boxes, Filing Cabinets, Computer Tower, Cable Rolls
12:00 PM
Unit: 215 , Carl Tielinen
Various boxes, Dolly, Hatchet, Axe Head, Lamp Shade, Fishing pole, commode, scythe, boat motor, gas cans, boots, oar
12:00 PM
Unit: E036 , Mamane Abdou Maman
Unit: H027 , Yvonne Pearson
12:00 PM
Unit: J0259 , Stacy pollard-Bush
Fan, Microwave, Misc. Boxes, Clothing, Speakers, Tools, and Computer Parts
12:00 PM
Unit: 405 , Crystal Blake aka Crystal A. Blake
Air Conditioner, vacumn, Toy Rideable ATV, misc. household, boxes
Unit: 168 , Elizabeth Russell
Misc. household, boxes
12:00 PM
Unit: 1041 , Adrian Wilson
suitcase,cooler,stereo,totes,boxes,fold up table,clothes,misc items
12:00 PM
Unit: 0524 , Marquis Venable
Display shelves, mannequin bottoms, makeup, perfume, mini fridge, belts, boxes
12:00 PM
Unit: A113 , Steven Hartman
boxes, fan, rocking chair, bed rails, cooler, totes, microwave, mini fridge, misc.
Unit: B134 , Dwight Henry
couch, wall pictures, clothes, shoes, trash can, mattress, baskets, misc.
12:00 PM
Unit: 2111 , House Unit
Treadmill-totes-furniture-power washer-dry vac-plastic bags-paintings
Unit: 2148 , House Unit
Couch-headboard-mattress-box spring-decorations-stroller-boxes-totes
Unit: 3222 , House Unit
Desk-mattress-box spring-speakers-clothing-vacuum
Unit: 1287 , House Unit
12:00 PM
Unit: 4128 , Robert McCary Aka Robert L McCary
Tires, Weight Machine, Lawn Mowers, Generators, Boxes, Totes, Shovels, Rakes, Cleaning Chemicals, Weed wacker
Unit: 1011 , Aimee Snyder Aka Aimee McCary
Fridge, Couch, Totes
12:00 PM
Unit: 108 , James Kiernan
Bedding, Tables, Ladder, small appliances, monitor, totes, boxes, bags
Unit: 315 , Laura Chapman
large scale train, children's rocker, child/infant toys, clothing furniture, catering sterno trays, office chair, totes, boxes, bags
Unit: 1022 , Jennifer Glovich
flatware, luggage, bean bag chair, Christmas decorations, totes
Unit: 1218 , Laura Soltesz
Boxes, bags
12:00 PM
Unit: H115 , Kathleen Richardson
boxes, exercise equipment, table, tools, shampoo vac, ladder, scooter, decorations
12:00 PM
Unit: 1039 , Michelle N Zegarski
Furniture, clothing, totes, boxes, bags
Unit: 1124 , Dolores Rosario
furniture, lamps, fishing poles,games, totes, bags
Unit: 2102 , Rafael Pietri
musical instruments, clothing, bedding, golf clubs, boxes, bags
Unit: 2143 , Christopher Gutschow
furniture, bedding, boxes
Unit: 2218 , Peter Vanable
bedding, turntable, household goods, totes, boxes
12:00 PM
Unit: 829 , Jerome L Storlie
Metal Shelving, Boxes, Tool Box, Carpet, Garbage Cans, Ladder, Rake, Plastic Buckets, Wood, Hose
Unit: 836 , Jerome L Storlie
Grill Tools, Gas cans, Wheel Barrow, Chair, Bag of Salt, 2 Coolers, Hand Push Lawn Mower
Unit: 835 , Jerome L Storlie
Wood Shelf, Filing Cabinet, Pallets, 2 Lawn Mowers, Bags, Boxes, Bags of Concrete Mix
Unit: 217 , Patrick W Plummer
Basket of Clothes, Clothes, Black Suitcase, Clock, 2 Garbage Cans, Speaker, Artificial Plant
Unit: 571 , Anthony E C Green
Metal Ashtray, Boxes, Clothing, Bed Frame, Mattress, Stereo, Cooler, Speaker
Unit: Jamilia D Abdel-Hami , 827
Mattress, Boxes, Curtain Rod, Broom, Kids Bike, Suitcase, Bed Frame
Unit: 219 , Lisa E Riek
Foam, Clothes, Boxes, Fishing Gear
Unit: 301 , Santos A Garcia
3 Large Igloo Coolers, Chest of Drawer, Dresser, Headboard, Kids Bike, Tools, Toys
Unit: 500 , House Unit
Couch, Love Seat Misc Household Goods
12:00 PM
Unit: 02001 , Elizabeth Epps
Trash Bags full misc items, Duffel Bags, Backpacks, Tote
12:00 PM
Unit: 01098 , Dana Cannon
Rug,Totes,Lamp,Home Decor, Fire place set,Table,Boxes,House Hold Goods
12:00 PM
Unit: 4124 , Luke Knoblauch
Symbol Stand, Drum, Folding Chairs, Lamp, Microphone Stand, Extension Cord,
12:00 PM
Unit: 2130 , Nancy Norcross
Totes, Boxes, Lamps, Blankets, Curio, Bags, End tables
12:00 PM
Unit: 0001 , Giovanna Landolfo
furniture, luggage, wheelchair, lamps, birdcage, Christmas tree, totes, boxes