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Storage Treasures
Auctions held at:

www.StorageStuff.Bid • OR • OR •* and must be fully paid by 10am on the date specified below to stop the scheduled auction.

* only available in FL, CO and TN


as of 11:19PM, Monday, February 20, 2017

NOTE: Winning bidders may access their acquired property during office hours only. Other restrictions may apply.

February 17, 2017
February 18, 2017
February 20, 2017
February 21, 2017
February 22, 2017
February 23, 2017
February 24, 2017
February 25, 2017
February 27, 2017
February 28, 2017
March 01, 2017
March 02, 2017
March 03, 2017
March 04, 2017
March 06, 2017
March 07, 2017
March 08, 2017
March 09, 2017
March 10, 2017
March 11, 2017
March 13, 2017
March 14, 2017
March 15, 2017
March 16, 2017
March 17, 2017
March 18, 2017
March 20, 2017
March 21, 2017
March 23, 2017
March 24, 2017
March 27, 2017
March 28, 2017
March 29, 2017
March 30, 2017
April 04, 2017
February 17, 2017
10:00 AM
Unit: 0256K , Ellen Edelstein
bed, boxes, lamp, bike, sporting goods, chair, baskets
Unit: 102 , Eric Whetstone aka Ilona Eric Whetstone
air compressor, carts, racks, tool boxes, furniture, metal cages, boxes, tools, shop vac
Unit: 084 , Joshua Keller
dressers, totes, clothes, stands, tables, misc baby items, boxes, baskets, lamps, tool boxes
Unit: 0401K , Jerry West
totes, TVs, tools, baskets, air compressor, blower, toys, tool boxes, furniture, home décor
10:00 AM
Unit: 02B340 , John Henry Keet
chairs, dresser, refrigerator, mattress, misc
Unit: 004095 , Vernisha Gore
mattress, boxes, totes, misc
Unit: 003048 , Clifford D. Bunning
door, bike, boxes, totes, ladder
10:00 AM
Unit: D042 , Teresa Diggs
misc boxes, totes, bags
Unit: D037 , Tonia James
dryer, deep freezer, table, dresser, misc boxes
Unit: C111 , Jonathan Jacobs
bed frame, mattress, grill, exercise equipment
Unit: A020 , Riokos Davis aka Riokos M. Davis
golf clubs, misc boxes, chairs, patio table, refrigerator, stools, sofa, rug
Unit: A060 , Evon Carson
mattress, headboard, footboard
10:00 AM
Unit: 0232 , Theresa Martin
misc boxes, rugs, bags, folding table, chairs
Unit: 2025 , Cecil Collins
dresser, totes, comforter, bags, fishing rod, misc boxes
Unit: 0419 , Priscilla Brantley
table, chairs, TV, golf clubs, mattress, boxes, china cabinet, end table
10:00 AM
Unit: 00301 , House Unit
suit case, Christmas tree, dressers, boxes, chairs
Unit: 08035 , House Unit
refrigerator, chairs, power toys, dresser, bed, coffee table, boxes
Unit: 00733 , House Unit
tractor trailer wind deflector
10:00 AM
Unit: 32139 , Sebrina N. Livingston
boxes, bins, speaker, vacuum, kitchen appliances
Unit: DD009 , Harry Sweet
boxes, bags, furniture, table, electronics, bins, dresser, stool
Unit: 11285 , Alexandria Stewart
boxes, bins, bags, mattresses, bed rails, crutches, kitchen appliances
Unit: 01C05 , Bobbi Corbin
clothes, boxes, bins
Unit: 01J07 , Wayne Dove
toys, bins, bags, luggage
Unit: 19026 , Doug Spivey
box spring, bed rails, rocking chair, bins, chairs, dresser
Unit: 01D06 , Wendy Boehme
bikes, bins, fish tank, bags, clothes, vacuum
10:00 AM
Unit: 478 , Andrew Morgan aka Andrew M. Morgan
stove, coffee table, box
Unit: 343 , Miranda Major
washer, dryer, TV, TV stand, box
10:00 AM
Unit: 414 , Deborah Fanning
chairs, totes, clothes, basket, vacuum, suitcase, tool boxes, boxes, table
10:00 AM
Unit: 00635 , Racheal L. Keen
dresser, table, microwave,pots and pans, entertainment stand, chair, and pictures.
10:00 AM
Unit: H06 , Jarmel Wertz
mattress, furniture
10:00 AM
Unit: 162 , Jeremy Paine
fishing gear, roll top desk, power tools, totes, boxes, bow, step ladder, dressers, tool boxes, shelf unit
Unit: 307 , Michael Gardner
luggage, totes, boxes, lamps, cassette tapes, dresser, night stand, speakers, aquarium
Unit: 071 , Michael Gardner
sofa, chairs, framed artwork, night stand, electronic keyboard, totes, boxes, aquarium, books, toaster oven, step ladder, mirror, coats
Unit: 185 , Michael Gardner
bicycle, mirrors, table, coats, bureau, chair, boxes
10:00 AM
Unit: B024 , Aaron M. Palmer
household furnishings, household goods
Unit: A023 , House Unit
misc furniture, misc boxes, TV's, misc tools
10:00 AM
Unit: 0039 , Gwendolyn M. Gaynor
household goods, household furnishings, boxes, furniture
10:00 AM
Unit: 262 , Kelsey Smith aka Kelsey AJ Smith
recliner, box spring, desk, printers, chair, corner shelves
Unit: 265 , Kirk Beloli aka Kirk W. Beloli
table, grill, boxes, totes, box spring, mattress, dolly
Unit: 281 , Mark E. Costa Jr. aka Mark Costa
recliner, TV, microwave, table, dresser, space heater, car parts, mattress, box spring, rug
Unit: 352 , Kim Gravelin aka Kim J. Gravelin
couch, mattress, end table, bins, bags, AC, vacuum, sofa table, end table
Unit: 414 , Sonya McCollum aka Sonya L. McCollum
appliances, space heater, pogo stick
Unit: 424 , Ashley Lavoie aka Ashley L. Lavoie
sofa, wheelchair, camp chairs, crib, crib mattress, boxes, headboards, vacuum, entertainment center, table, stroller
10:00 AM
Unit: 000010 , House Unit
PVC piping
Unit: C00002 , House Unit
misc furniture, toys, household items
10:00 AM
Unit: 0239 , Alicia Howell aka Alicia U. Howell
Appliances, car seats, suitcases, boxes, clothes
10:00 AM
Unit: 190 , Joshua Neal
Household goods and furnishings, boxes, misc
10:00 AM
Unit: K277 , Kristjan Light
Unit: H156 , Carroll A. Kenney Jr.
tools, electronics, bedding, bags
Unit: M371 , Adrienne Via
baby items, furniture, boxes, totes
10:00 AM
Unit: 115D , Jason Palmer
Household Items and furnishings, tarp,cage
10:00 AM
Unit: A14 , Kevin L. Munford
boxes, totes, tables, chair, tire, toys
Unit: C10 , Kristie L. Atchley
boxes, shelves, totes, picture frames, ironing board, battery charger, dishes, mattress, box spring, kitchenware
10:00 AM
Unit: 194B , Louis Giamattei aka Louis D. Giammattei III
clothes, suitcase, shop vacuum, bins, rake, power tools
Unit: 036 , Ed Sabitini / Democratic Party
signs, bins, electronics, boxes
10:00 AM
Unit: C050 , Bobbie Prater aka Bobbie A. Prater
totes, board game, white board, brief case
10:00 AM
Unit: U01 , Abandoned
household items, clothing, household furniture, toys, decorations
10:00 AM
Unit: 236 , Mark Chaisson
BBQ grill, mattress, box spring, dressers, sofa, TV, crib, table, totes, boxes, microwave
10:00 AM
Unit: T842 , Lyle McCormack aka Trust Trust U/W Helene McCormack
couch, chair, desk, totes, suit case, computer monitor, mirror, skis
Unit: S723 , Alexis Rivera
coat, work bench, fishing poles, mirror, totes
10:00 AM
Unit: C17 , Matt Heekin aka Matthew Heekin
mattress, chairs, recliner
Unit: C33 , Richard Allen
tires, bike, car seat, electronics, totes
Unit: D120A , Jeremy R. Little
toys, tools, hunting items, camping items
10:00 AM
Unit: 26660 , Lisa M. Sellers
boxes, toys, tennis racket, TV, dresser, bins
10:00 AM
Unit: 087 , Gary Honshul
washer, dryer, clothes, home décor, vacuum, sound equipment, lamps, fishing poles
Unit: 063 , Kathleen Adams aka Hillary K. Adams
tables, mattresses, dressers, misc furniture, clothes
10:00 AM
Unit: K0216 , Pierrlee Castro
bed set, misc furniture, misc boxes
10:00 AM
Unit: 59I , Norma G. Dean
mattress, trash can, bags, boxes, clothes
10:00 AM
Unit: E41 , Debra Hardy
misc boxes, totes
Unit: G8 , Dennis Hagerich
sofa bed, TV, household goods, misc boxes, totes
Unit: F22 , Chris Byerly
tables, misc boxes
Unit: F76 , Michael Kirouac
lamps, bed, misc boxes
Unit: K37 , Hamza Ahmad
Unit: L20 , Theresa Davis
dresser, pictures, totes
Unit: F78 , Martha Fry
misc boxes, bags
10:00 AM
Unit: 231 , Harvey Curtis aka Pete Curtis aka Harvey L. Curtis
chest, kid's play vehicle, chairs, toys, clothes, weights, dishes, boxes, totes, camping lamps
Unit: 239 , Tabatha Mink
bags, mirror
Unit: 524 , Linda M. Duggins aka Linda Duggins
furniture, boxes, fishing poles, bags
Unit: 421 , Linda M. Duggins aka Linda Duggins
boxes, bags, furniture, vacuum
10:00 AM
Unit: 627 , Brook Koepenick
chair, bags, clothing, boxes, grill tongs
Unit: 719 , Marcos DeAzavedo
hot water heater, coffee maker, tiles, mixer, tamps, chairs, table stands, steamer
Unit: 519 , Scott Charest
couch, tote, yard stick, mat, tool bag, household items
10:00 AM
Unit: 0614A , Daniel J. McClure
furniture, clothes, boxes, bags
Unit: 0500B , Nancy Kamau
shelves, boxes, furniture, bins
Unit: 0446B , James Ricker / Judith M. Tress
boxes, bins, furniture
Unit: 0543 , Patricia L. Foss
couch, chairs, mattress, boxes, furniture
Unit: 0634A , Tiffany Grapes
books, bins, pillows
10:00 AM
Unit: B104 , Carrie Durham
TV, bed frames, baby crib, lawn furniture, chairs, dressers, boxes, bags, totes, couch, carpet, fan, misc
Unit: A096 , Catrina L. Reynolds
mattress, box spring, power tools, ladder, dolly, furniture, shelving, shredder, ceiling fan, boxes, totes, misc
Unit: B055 , Shonda Jiles
TV, bags, clothes, shoes, cooler, boxes, misc
Unit: B033 , Michael McCray
bags, clothing, car radio
10:00 AM
Unit: 060 , Jacquilyn Jones
boxes, bags, household items
Unit: 059 , Angela Sutton
mattress, household furniture
Unit: 055 , Lori Scott
boxes, clothes
Unit: 518 , Amanda Cox aka Amanda L. Cox
boxes, misc
Unit: 169 , Marvin Southall
books, boxes
10:00 AM
Unit: 1945 , Christopher W. Rickson aka Chris Rickson
dressers, couch, TV stand, mattress, box spring, end table, shelving unit, bed frame, bags
Unit: 0112 , Salomao Monteiro
tool box, file cabinets, chairs, boxes, tables, sofa, books
Unit: 2124 , Napoleon Cameron Jr.
boxes, file cabinet, treadmill, chairs, mop
10:00 AM
Unit: A021 , Ann Herrera
household goods, household furnishings
Unit: H322 , Jordan L. Baker
household goods, household furnishings
10:00 AM
Unit: 4148 , Kim Clohecy
TV, lamp, chair, barbecue grill, bed frame, car seat
10:00 AM
Unit: 004 , Michael Bennett
bicycles, sofas, mattress, recliner, boxes, bed, chairs, shelving unit, canopy
Unit: 901 , James McCarron
bed frame, mattress, box spring, totes, boxes, sofa, stroller, car seat, recliner, photos, fan, small kitchen appliances, baskets
Unit: 326 , Jaimie Turmelle
totes, boxes, chairs, table, fishing gear, dart board, luggage, computer, clothes
10:00 AM
Unit: J022 , Rexanne Arnold
boxes, dresser, box spring, chairs, table, shelving, basket, misc
Unit: E039 , Dottie Tyndall aka Dorothy R. Tyndall
boxes, chairs, painting, bowling balls, records, books, misc
10:00 AM
Unit: 100 , Andrei Banks
mattresses, clothes
Unit: 123 , Veronica Johnson
TV's, totes, chairs
10:00 AM
Unit: B23 , Karen Smith
decorations, wreath, walker, seat cushions
10:00 AM
Unit: J59 , Lula Pierce
sewing table, sewing supplies, clothes, dresser
10:00 AM
Unit: F0017 , Taevia Boden aka Taevia M. Boden
toys, suitcase, boxes, picture, bags, wood
Unit: B0001 , Sydney Gray
chair, bed, mirror, crutches
10:00 AM
Unit: F327 , Keith Silvi
furniture, small appliances, paintings, Christmas tree, boxes, misc
Unit: D156 , Anthony Matteucci
furniture, small appliances, TV, toys, boxes, misc
Unit: C089 , Tim B. Spiker Jr
furniture, tripod, lamp, misc
Unit: H430 , Nicholas Daddario
small appliances, electronics, filing cabinet, cabinets, shelves, misc
10:00 AM
Unit: A001 , Timothy R. Kramer aka Tim Kramer Jr.
toys, tools, chairs, decorations, shelving, mattress, games, boxes, totes
Unit: A002 , Van A. Downing
recliner, couch, speakers, mattress, chairs, furniture, dresser, dresser drawers, cabinet, bags
Unit: B008 , James Bostic
vacuum, tools, records, dolly, fitness equipment, furniture, boxes, totes
Unit: F019 , Deborah Anderson
treadmill, boxes, trucks, strollers, baby carriage, keyboard, train set, misc
10:00 AM
Unit: 00582 , Catherine Achenbach aka Catherine A. Achenbach
game table, washer, dryer
Unit: 00247 , Thomas A. McCabe aka Thomas McCabe
boxes, furniture, mattresses, bags, clothes
Unit: 00622 , Randy Brunelle
tools, shelving, totes, microwave
10:00 AM
Unit: 586 , Anthony Price aka Anthony S. Price
mattresses, box spring, bins, shoes, misc
Unit: 344 , Todd Weaver aka Todd Lee Weaver
boxes, bins, cabinets, TV, shoes, clothes, clowns, electronics, bags, household, misc
Unit: 802 , Kristy Blinn
totes, table, chairs, bags, video gaming system, appliance, household, misc
Unit: 500N , Stacey Cousin aka Stacey C. Cousin
washer, dryer, bed, dresser
10:00 AM
Unit: B016 , Thimi Costas
TV, shop vac, stereo, coffee maker, entertainment stand, misc
10:00 AM
Unit: F101 , William Keebler aka Bill Keebler
household items, furniture, holiday décor
Unit: I112 , Renee Lyons
household items, boxes
Unit: H117 , Kathy Santarsola aka Kathy McNeil
furniture, boxes, lamps, fishing gear
10:00 AM
Unit: 2032 , Amanda Tanzer
desk, cooler, shelving, totes, boxes, table
Unit: 3306 , James Grant
couch, boxes, dresser, chair, electronics, golf bag, golf clubs, hockey stick, totes
Unit: 2093 , Edward Graham
air conditioner, dresser, chairs
10:00 AM
Unit: 219 , Peter Duncan
electric keyboard, golf clubs, boxes, bags
Unit: 246 , Carol Edwards aka Carrol Edwards
furniture, vacuum, grill, boxes, bags, totes, mirror
Unit: 316 , Kristina Kropat
boxes, bags, totes, furniture, electronics, chest, wall art, DVD's
Unit: A159 , Allan Davis
TV, totes, bags, boxes, household furniture, mattress, dresser
Unit: A327 , Fredrick Rock aka Fred Rock
mattress, box spring, metal detector, power tools
Unit: B155 , House Unit
Dresser, mattress, speaker
10:00 AM
Unit: 455 , Emily Pettine
chair, tables, mirror, baskets, vacuum, boxes
Unit: 307J , Mahalia Thorton
bags, boxes, table, tote, crate
Unit: 246 , Carolyn Jones
lamp, box, baskets, bags
Unit: 228 , D'Juana Tilton
tote, boxes, books, mattress, chairs, shelf, sofa, suitcase
Unit: 119 , Robert Moore
tote, toaster oven, dressers, TV, lamp, table, chairs, mattress set, saw, fishing pole, snow skis, wood, picture, basket, saw horses, golf clubs
Unit: 307B , Tonia Matthews
boxes, tote, bag, gas can, table
10:00 AM
Unit: A004 , David Wilcox
household items, household goods
Unit: A005 , Robin Reynolds
household items, household goods
Unit: R004 , Gary Clarke
household items, household goods
10:00 AM
Unit: C569 , Stephanie Benjamin
shelving, lamps, chairs, misc furniture, boxes, misc
Unit: C616 , Stephanie Benjamin
table, paintings, pet kennel, tractor, shelving, furniture, misc
Unit: B075 , Troy Black
headboard, stove, fridge, porch swing, tools, misc
10:00 AM
Unit: 1709 , Ashley Legard
bedding, fridge, totes, boxes, toys
Unit: 1301 , Ziyadeh Ziyadeh
boxes, furniture
Unit: 220 , Lateef Thomas
furniture, boxes, picture, paint
Unit: 2003 , Leonard Thompson
boxes, furniture, table, workout machine
Unit: 1211 , Junior Carona
furniture, bedding, stereo equipment, tools
10:00 AM
Unit: 0205 , Darcy Delise aka Darcy A. Delise
furniture, bike, boxes, chairs, shovel
Unit: 0206 , Darcy Delise aka Darcy A. Delise
boxes, furniture, bags, tote
Unit: 0083 , Kim Boyer aka Kim L. Boyer, Linda Connell
trunks, boxes, totes, lantern, bed frame, furniture, clothing
10:00 AM
Unit: 0623 , Monica A. Dillard
household items, beds, furniture, boxes, totes
Unit: 0555 , Monica A. Dillard
boxes, furniture, clothing, toys, home décor, totes
Unit: 1226 , Weston Schallus aka Weston Schallous
scale, furniture, boxes, totes
10:00 AM
Unit: 181 , Randy B. Roberts
shelves, boxes, totes, furniture, pictures
10:00 AM
Unit: 00557 , Jill Bailey aka Jill L. Bailey
TV's, hutch, pellet stove, umbrella, beach toys
10:00 AM
Unit: 270H , Maggie Wohland
bags, chair
Unit: 186F , Michelle Hoague
wheelchairs, totes, Christmas tree, TV, toaster oven, boxes, computer tower, crutches
Unit: 271H , Maggie Wohland
chairs, totes, boxes, bags, table
10:00 AM
Unit: E028 , Amanda Setzer
dresser, clothes, boxes, bags, chair, totes, pillows, candles, cushions
10:00 AM
Unit: H108 , Addrianna Perez
TV, boxes, chairs, book shelf
10:00 AM
Unit: 203 , Dan Shevlin
golf clubs, paint, printer, boxes, shelving, toys, folding chairs, computer tower, computer monitor, broom
Unit: 422 , Robert Stampfli
tool box, car seat, speaker, chairs, chest, golf clubs, shelving, clothing, tools, kids chair, suitcase, road cone, bumper, cooler, fan, boxes
Unit: 504 , Michael Cole
totes, heaters, recliner, vacuum, bed, dresser, TV, entertainment center, brooms, mattress
Unit: 227 , Dakota Smith aka Adirondack Concrete Cutting
hockey gear, pet cage, pet carrier, clothing, golf clubs, bedding, totes, boxes, sports bag
Unit: 638 , Megan Hayes
desk, books, clothing, couch, lamp, chair, vacuum, carpet shampooer, hair dryer, washer, dryer, dresser, salon equipment, safe, TV, computer, cabinet, table, tire, tools, boxes, totes
Unit: 420 , Moises Rodriguez aka Moises B. Rodriguez
suit case, mattress, box spring, pet cage, heaters, clothing, TV, small appliance, boxes, chair
Unit: 426 , Jodi Lant-trutt
mattress, box spring, stools, chairs, hutch, totes, cooler, suit cases, tent, bed frame, small appliances, clothing bags, ironing board, DVD player
Unit: 226 , Luis Sanchez
boxes, bags, microwave, bed frame, file cabinet, mattress, chest, books, totes, toys, clothes, lamp, pictures, headboard, radio
Unit: 7F1 , Daniel Hegener
speakers, water skis, chair, small chairs, boating equipment, easel, bin, cushioned chair
10:00 AM
Unit: E27 , David Dearbeck
washer, dryer, TV, mattresses, box springs, mirror, bed frames, chairs, luggage, boxes, bags, toys, household goods, tool box
10:00 AM
Unit: 00673 , Richard Dickens aka Richard H. Dickens
boxes, luggage, clothes, shoes, mattress, totes
10:00 AM
Unit: N358 , Robert Goodman
office supplies
Unit: L274 , Robert Goodman
office supplies, filing cabinets
10:00 AM
Unit: 322D , Jatonna Jackson
TV, crib, mattresses, boxes, microwave, bags, toys, stroller, containers
Unit: 338 , Tabitha Meis
bike, wet vac, tool chest, totes, bags, boxes
Unit: 223 , Rhonda Richardson
TV, dresser, kitchen utensils, bags
10:00 AM
Unit: 0630A , Shayna Morais aka Shayna M. Morais
chairs, furniture, bins
Unit: 676 , Clyde Russell
furniture, boxes, bags
10:00 AM
Unit: 4151 , Brent Stratton aka Brent M. Stratton
DVD's, VCR/DVD combo, DVD player, chairs, lamps, rug, fan, toaster oven, microwave
Unit: 0510 , Julie E. Batts
mattresses, box springs, chairs, table, bed frame
Unit: 0353 , Jennifer Mazzella
luggage, book shelves, tubs, carpet shampooer, night stand, boxes
Unit: 0550 , Sean Young
toy, vacuum, table, chairs, ice cart, ladder, gumball machine, totes
Unit: 0340 , Brittany Marie Demarinis
golf bags, golf clubs, tool bag, steam vac, shop vac, sofa, dumbbells, chairs, boxes, desk, table, fan
10:00 AM
Unit: 0539 , Allison McAlister
mattress, box spring, bed rails, boxes, rocking chair, tote
Unit: 0259 , Frank A. Coreno aka Frank Coreno
AC unit, cooler, boxes, step stool, fan, chairs, TV, bed boards, duffel bag, speaker
Unit: 0703 , Brenda L. Lefavour
mattress, box spring, cabinet, boxes, duster, TV, stand
Unit: 0546 , Francis A. Forgarty aka Francis Forgarty
bed rails, cabinet, bureau
10:00 AM
Unit: 427 , Patricia Doll
crib, mattress, bird cage, toys, bags of clothes, misc boxes, misc bags
Unit: 524525 , Joe Fusco aka Joseph Fusco
futon mattress, coffee table, buckets, boxes
10:00 AM
Unit: C003 , Talisha Haines
ottoman, child bike, toys, microwave, TV, mirror, artificial plant, pictures, printer, clothes, bedding, baskets, totes, bags, misc
Unit: E009 , Natalie Baxter
vacuum, chair, toys, boxes, bags, dresser, mattress, TV stand, misc
Unit: B153 , Marvin Echols
tire, desk chair, mattress, table, microwave, coat rack, totes, speaker, golf clubs/carrier, grill, rug, misc
Unit: C023 , House Unit
table, totes, night stand, mirror, light, dishware, misc
Unit: B110 , Blaine Simpson, Jr.
chairs, china hutch, table, misc
Unit: B108 , Donna Wright
totes, AC, table, stand, rack, shovel, misc
Unit: A281 , Jeramy Govea
couches, totes, washer, night stand, paper shredder, box, misc
Unit: A248 , Marcia M. Singer
microwave, toaster oven, table, chairs, heater, coffee maker, totes, bread machine, bags, slow cooker, fan, bed, AC, ironing board, misc
Unit: A012 , David Cassmer
ice machine, register, glass container/shelf, tote, bags, boxes, pictures, misc
10:00 AM
Unit: 4136 , Jason Dann
couch, bed frame, totes, power washer, clothes
Unit: 4115 , Nancy Anderson
fishing pole, tote, ladder, dresser, clothes, car seat
Unit: 4037 , Kathy Fiorentino
furniture, totes, clothes, tools, wood shelves, boxes, toys
Unit: 4115 , Daniel Thomas
boxes, bags, totes, craft supplies
10:00 AM
Unit: 402 , Douglas Schuhl
Unit: 1026 , Patricia Marciano
Unit: 602 , Ivery A. Moss
Unit: 1231 , Errol Hagen
10:00 AM
Unit: I013 , Jesse Alvarez
freezer, yard toys, shovels, fishing rods, ladders, shelves, tool box, totes, bike frame, misc
10:00 AM
Unit: 0678A , Andrew Mellon
propane tanks, grill, tools, levels, cooler, ladder, dolly
Unit: 1506A , Darius Griffin, Jr.
mattresses, bed frame, outdoor chairs, chairs, boxes, ironing board, helmet, heater
Unit: 0333 , Nick Noel aka Nicodemo Noel
futon, computer chairs, tool cases, gas cans, seed spreader, fishing poles, coolers, bike lift, shovels, brooms, rakes, cement mixer, concrete blocks, tires, nails, ladders, dry erase boards, pool filters, wet suit, wheel barrows, extension cords, wood, tarps, stamper, shelving units, microwave, mini fridge, saw
Unit: 0137 , Christopher Powers
TV's, monitor, non motorized boat, mattress, totes, mini bike, microwave, tools, tool box, wheel barrow, construction cones
10:00 AM
Unit: F129 , Jackie Coombs
bags, boxes, totes, toys, clothing
10:00 AM
Unit: L15 , Luciana Oakes
rocking chair, mirror, dressers, chairs, boxes, picture frames, TV, tote, dream catcher
Unit: H13 , William McGarry
ladder, mattresses, suit case, totes
10:00 AM
Unit: H13 , Wendy Clark
appliances, household items, couch, household furniture, toys, boxes, bins, clothing
Unit: R10 , Donna M. Thompson
household furniture, household items, appliances, boxes, bins, mattress, box spring, electronics, clothing
Unit: J02 , William Ransom
household furniture, household items, toys, boxes, bins, clothing, electronics
10:00 AM
Unit: 0575 , Ali C. Ahmad aka Ali Ahmad
rugs, wire, tools, household items, fishing gear, clothes
10:00 AM
Unit: 473 , Katherine Hanna Aka Katherine N Hanna
TV, Pictures, Tools, totes, Clothes, Fishing rod, Chairs, Toys
Unit: 636 , Jerry C. Smith Aka Jerry Cleveland Smith
Dresser, Table, Tool box's,TV, Computer, Blower,Picture, Tote
Unit: 626 , Shea Clarke and Roland Green
Two Lawnmowers, Dresser, Outdoor furniture
Unit: 294 , Aleshia Roach
Toys, Books, Dishes, Mattress, Clothes, Totes
Unit: 623 , Carla R Williams Aka Carla Renae Williams
TV, Clothes, Car seat, Mattress, Kitchen Table, Night Stand, Totes,Bed frame
Unit: 519 , Kenya Brown Aka Kenya Daundra Brown
Mattress, Two Dressers, Couch, TV
Unit: 129 , Derrell Padgett Aka Derrell L Padgett
Auto Speakers, Car body parts, Clothes, Trash bags,Car seats
Unit: 446 , Teresa I Laster Aka Teresa Irene Laster
Mirror, Table, TV, Dressers, Totes, Rugs, Pictures
10:00 AM
Unit: 00627 , Dave Palmegiano
Furniture, Boxes, Golf Clubs, Tools, Mattress, Shelving
Unit: 00703 , Spirio Morfiris aka Spiro Morfiris, Santicty Preservations
Furniture, Boxes, Shelving, TV
10:00 AM
Unit: 328 , Chris May
household, misc
10:00 AM
Unit: 219 , Odell Smith
boxes, plywood, motor
10:00 AM
Unit: 1817 , Elroy Smith
furniture, bags, totes
Unit: 1710 , Xaviera Williams
furniture, bags
Unit: 1308 , Diahn Howa
furniture, bags, mini fridge
Unit: 1210 , Norma Barnes
cleaning equipment, boxes
Unit: 1005 , Kwadwo Gyamfi
bedding, furniture, tools, totes
Unit: 912 , Stanley H. Taylor
furniture, bedding, mini fridge, workout equipment
Unit: 304 , Edward Davis
grill, totes, furniture, stereo equipment
10:00 AM
Unit: 453 , Toni Ugalde
tote, table, chair, clothes, box, bed frame
Unit: 537 , Sharon Davis
bed, dresser, bags, tree, stand, clothes, household, misc
10:00 AM
Unit: J233 , Fred Danso
Circuit Boards, Electronics, Packing Peanuts, misc.
10:00 AM
Unit: 126 , Charlotte Atkins
bike, vacuum, TV stand, deep fryer, boxes, clothes, stereo equipment, bookshelf, futon
10:00 AM
Unit: 0513 , Christopher Stiffen aka Chris Stiffen
chairs, TV, stand, boxes, totes, clothes, misc
10:00 AM
Unit: 747 , Stephen Evans
shoe rack, clothing rack, TV stand, luggage, coffee table, totes, boxes, life jackets, clothes, bags, coffee machine
Unit: 253 , Michael Miller
bed frame, boxes, golf clubs, wheelchair, footlockers, tool boxes, dresser, printer, misc
10:00 AM
Unit: 548 , Ivyleslie Lanza
mattress, table, chairs, dresser, air conditioner, fan, heater, vacuum cleaner, misc boxes
Unit: 7B1 , Darcy Mitchell
tiles, sofa, chair, vacuum cleaner, wheelchair, boxes, totes, commode, walker, bedding, microwave
Unit: 7C5 , Jade Graves
toys, stands, shelf unit, tricycle, microwave, toy box, cushions, table, totes
10:00 AM
Unit: 1036 , Sonny Reedy
luggage, boxes, totes, fish tank, clothes and shoes, household goods.
10:00 AM
Unit: 420 , Rickey Yarborough aka Rickey L. Yarborough
chairs, table, mattress, box spring, dresser, stand, mirror, bed frame, tools, plant, bag
Unit: 0552 , Alma DiCocco
totes, boxes, stands, video game system, picture, bags, toys, misc
10:00 AM
Unit: 0647 , Jimmy L. Wiggins
Bow, pool cue, tools, fishing pole, clothes, helmet and bags
Unit: 0104 , Calvin Wilson
Toys, table, dresser, chairs, headboard and sectional.
10:00 AM
Unit: 0171 , Daniel Belcher
TV, TV stand, suitcase, stackable washer/dryer, boxes, mattress
Unit: 0352 , Daniel A. Lippold
tripod, boxes, bags, briefcase
10:00 AM
Unit: E196 , John Vecchio
Household Goods
Unit: B069 , Amanda Aptt
Household Goods
Unit: B071 , Gabriel Minaya
Household Goods
Unit: A051 , Samuel Sanders
Household Goods
10:00 AM
Unit: 327D , Maurice Wallace
Unit: 323A , Barbara F. Bradley
ladder, furniture, hose, boxes, totes
Unit: 337 , Keely Carter
heater, suitcases, tote, chest, boxes
Unit: 109F , James Runyon
mirror, glass, carpet cleaner, clothes, boxes, chair
10:00 AM
Unit: OUT05 , Ronald H. Haynes
boat and trailer - NO TITLE, sold for PARTS ONLY, as is, where is
Unit: N04 , Dan A. Viele, AKA Dan Viele
household goods and furnishings, boxes, misc
Unit: F19 , Ashelee C. Koehler
household goods and furnishings, boxes, misc
Unit: M23 , Bridgette N. Rose
household goods and furnishings, boxes, misc
Unit: N32 , Keisha Sharrow
household goods and furnishings, boxes, misc
Unit: Q19 , Christopher Anderson
household goods and furnishings, boxes, misc
10:00 AM
Unit: B308 , Andrew W. Hubbard
bikes, exercise equipment, misc
Unit: B105 , Dawn Maxwell
AC window unit, totes, kitchen items, clothes, toys, baby items, tables, shelf, couch/loveseat, misc
Unit: C007 , Shauntaevia Day
couch, headboard, dishes, vanity, mattress, fan, household items, clothes, boxes, totes, bags, misc