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and must be fully paid by 10am on the date specified below to stop the scheduled auction.


as of 3:38AM, Saturday, October 21, 2017

NOTE: Winning bidders may access their acquired property during office hours only. Other restrictions may apply.

October 20, 2017
October 23, 2017
October 24, 2017
October 25, 2017
October 26, 2017
October 27, 2017
October 30, 2017
October 31, 2017
November 01, 2017
November 02, 2017
November 06, 2017
November 07, 2017
November 08, 2017
November 09, 2017
November 10, 2017
November 27, 2017
October 20, 2017
12:00 PM
Unit: 033 , Lashay D. Pinckney
Table, chairs,picture,bike,toys,car seat, dresser, crate,luggage, night stand, boxes, power wheel
12:00 PM
Unit: 023 , Nequai Miguel
totes, vaccum
12:00 PM
Unit: J023 , House Unit
totes,bags,boxes,toys,house hold goods and misc items
Unit: H077 , House Unit
Unit: H088 , House Unit
radio,bags,boxes,dresser, Misc items
Unit: H060 , House Unit
door,tables,cement cooker
Unit: H052 , House Unit
chair pillows,totes,stroller,misc items
Unit: H029 , House Unit
Unit: F018 , House Unit
dresser,bed frame,boxes,tools,misc items
12:00 PM
Unit: 048 , Franklin Freman
tv's, dresser, Bed frame, washer,Tv stand, printer, iron,bookbag, boxes, totes, microwave, speakers, pictures
12:00 PM
Unit: K028 , House Account
Chairs, furniture, flat screen tv, boxes, tv, mattress, home decor and misc
12:00 PM
Unit: 534 , Kim Springsteen
Power chair, exerciser, tables, misc
12:00 PM
Unit: 109 , Greg and Robin McGlaughlin AKA Robin Russell
Chairs, fishing poles, totes, misc items
Unit: 154 , Jessica Ratliff
Furniture, Boxes, Clothes, Misc Items
12:00 PM
Unit: 678 , Laura Snyder
box spring,bed frame,stand,carpet
Unit: 0336 , Jamie Thompson
Unit: 0808 , Rocellyesh Scott
Folding chairs,stands,chair,exercise equip.
Unit: 0913 , Nashaan Howard
Pictures,tv,dressers,standsmetal frame,vacuum,sofa,heater,bags,boxes,mirror,basket,luggage,mattress,microwave,misc.
Unit: 0742 , Joanne L. Ibrahim
Unit: 0718 , Michael Osborne/Restaurant Liquidators/Restaurant Liquidaters
Large Cooler,cooler,cabinets, sinks,shelves,chairs,mixers tables,wood, racks, misc restaurant.
12:00 PM
Unit: 00114 , Heather Brinley
Chairs, cooler, mirrors, tables, boxes,toys, radio, house hold misc.
Unit: 09050 , Wendy Sixbey
Washer & dryer, boxes, vacuum, shelf, lamp, pictures.
12:00 PM
Unit: H166 , Elaine Everhart, aka Elaine E Everhart, aka Jean Everhart, aka Jean E Everhart
Totes, Toys, Window A/C Unit, Furniture, Mattress, Appliances, Game System
12:00 PM
Unit: 3222 , House Unit
Deep Fryer-Desk-Mattresses-Box spring-TV-Speaker-Box-Bags
12:00 PM
Unit: P042 , House Unit
Work Benches, Filing Cabinet, Shelving, Various Building Materials, Garden Tools, Tools, Boxes and all other unit contents
12:00 PM
Unit: A167 , Cheryl Garr AKA Cheryl E Garr
Tools, Furniture, Misc Items
12:00 PM
Unit: 4055 , Aiyanna Walker
Dresser, 2 Mirrors, Bags, Fan, Toys, Clothes
Unit: 734 , Joseph Jenzano AKA Joseph M Jenzano
Boxies, Clothes, Shovel, Table
Unit: 3024 , Litisha Santana AKA Litisha M Santana
Boxies, Bins, 3 Dressers, Couch, Rocker
10:00 AM
Unit: H-007 , Diana White/John Peddicord
2 Stands,bag,box
12:00 PM
Unit: 0117 , Mark Albert
Unit appears to contain:Boat Shelf, bins, cloths
Unit: 0725 , Nicholas Mimikos
Unit appears to contain: Flat Screen TV, furniture, pictures, bins, boxes, lamp
Unit: 0749 , Elizabeth Rainkkonen
Unit appears to contain: boxes, suitcases, furniture, chairs, pictures, mirrow
12:00 PM
Unit: 218 , Tanika Cinelli
boxes, tool case, car parts, bow case, mic stand, speakers, cooler, furniture, laundry basket, roller blades and bags
Unit: 347 , Bonnie M. Monteiro
A/C, recliner, file cabinet, tote, bakeware, box, misc. kitchen, furniture
Unit: 414 , Cecilia Z. Lacerda
mattress, box spring, furniture, boxes, totes, cooler, TV stand, clothing
12:00 PM
Unit: 091 , James W. Price Jr.
Rugs, boxes, lamps, mattress, boxspring, glass aquarium, mirror, Dog Picture, microwave, household items.
Unit: 185 , Donna Doyle
Guitar Case, boxes, toys, Folding chair
Unit: 062 , Ashley Quinn
Misc. Furniture
Unit: 066 , Bonni Fallo
Mattresses, Dresser, Table, Bed Frames, Headboard, Microwave, Monitor, Household, wheel barrel. Record Player Cabinet
Unit: 084 , RoLynda Quintal
Totes, boxes, end tables, computer equipment.
Unit: 087 , RoLynda Quintal
Totes, boxes, microwave, chairs, drawers, lamp, bag, christmas tree.
12:00 PM
Unit: 0521 , David Jansen
lawn mower.seeder,cooler,metal cart,ladder, totes.
12:00 PM
Unit: 2094 , Brookes Letnom
Toys, Boxes, Recliner, Dresser, Bed Frame, Head Board, Totes, Dog Cage, Keyboard
Unit: 2016 , James Blehl
Tools, Shelves, Boxes, Crab Traps, Totes, Craftman Tool Boxes
Unit: 2008 , Tanya Clary
Nail Polish, Purses, Bags, Make Up
12:00 PM
Unit: T04 , Caitlin E Smith
household goods and furnishings, boxes, misc.
Unit: S14 , House Unit
household goods and furnishings, boxes, misc.
Unit: G05 , House Unit
household goods and furnishings, boxes, misc.
12:00 PM
Unit: 274 , House Unit
Appliances, furniture, various household items
12:00 PM
Unit: 0516 , Rachel Rosado
Futon frame, futon Mattress, carrier, blanket, mattress, suitcase, bags, boxes, misc
12:00 PM
Unit: F013 , Corbin Bain
Dresser, Wardrobe cabinet, Tote, Bags, Blankets, Mattress, Speakers and All other unit contents (Jet ski and trailer not included in auction)
Unit: I024 , Jennifer Martin
Toy Car, Cooler, Toys, Christmas Decor, Furniture, Boxes, Totes and all other unit contents
Unit: L021 , Anne C. Bowers
Box spring, Lamps, Drum, Art, toys, Rugs, Boxes, Bags, Totes and all other unit contents.
Unit: M019 , Christopher Cooper
Grill, Fridge, Couch, Stools, Cabinet, Garden Tools, Lamps, Boxes and all other unit contents
12:00 PM
Unit: N010 , Willy Ann F Hoff
misc boxes/bags, furniture, shampoo/soap, books, chairs. AKA Willy Ann F Hoff-Smith
Unit: L013 , Makisha Motley
Misc boxes, furniture, bed frames, couch, bed, speakers, misc bags, computers, ac unit.
12:00 PM
Unit: C00007 , Alemda Wright
Clothes, furniture, misc boxes/bags.
12:00 PM
Unit: 341 , Cathy Fagain
furniture, home decor, books, garden tools, toys
Unit: 459 , Michael Kinard
appliances, furniture, mattresses, grill, heater, gas cooker, pots
12:00 PM
Unit: 182 , Christopher Judd
Blower, Weed-eater, Rake, Toy Truck, Suitcases, Boxes
Unit: 219 , Robert Fink
Mattress, Box Spring, Fan, Crutches, Books, Pictures, Bags
Unit: 112 , Albert Dugger
Microwave, Bed Frame, Tubs, Household Items, Lamp, Rug
Unit: 191 , Antonia Smith
Dryer, Bags, Totes
Unit: 224 , Shimana Wallace
Grill, Mattresses, Table, Chairs, Boxes, Toy Car, Art
Unit: 333 , Albert Dennis aka Bernard Dennis
Tires, Ladders, Lawn Chair, Pressure Washer, Garden Tools, Dolly
12:00 PM
Unit: B114 , Cynthia White
Refrigerator, Bed frame, Speakers, furniture, etc.
Unit: J209 , Nicole M Johns
Furniture, Golf clubs, Bed, mattresses, Boxes, speakers, pictures, etc.
Unit: B166 , Capital Storage
Computer tower, Monitors, printers, keyboard, scanners, copiers, fax machines, telephones, adding machines, scale, retail displays, desk, cork boards, etc.
12:00 PM
Unit: 0117 , house unit
Furniture, Dishwasher, Clothes
12:00 PM
Unit: 237 , TONYA REID
12:00 PM
Unit: 443 , Robert E. Bell
Boxes, Totes, Appliance, Fan, TV, Heater
Unit: 327A , Dewey Foster
Boxes, Totes, Bags, Clothes
12:00 PM
Unit: 09207 , Sasha Howlette
Bike,Tubs,Baby Items, Boxes
12:00 PM
Unit: E29E0 , House Unit
Mattress, Box Spring, Table, Chairs and Refrigerator/Freezer Combo
12:00 PM
Unit: C6194 , Jean Carola AKA Jean M. Carola
Clock, Rugs, Clothing, Couch, Shelf, Mattress, Boxes, Bins.
Unit: D7010 , Richard Wetherell AKA Richard M. Wetherell
Kayak, Washer, Dryer, Boxes, Bag, Gas Can.
Unit: B3050 , Stacey Walczak AKA Stacey S. Walczak
Chair, Tires, Box Spring, Helmet, Flower Pots, Video Game Equipment.
Unit: C6029 , Johanny Mendez AKA Johanny R. Mendez
Tires, Crib, Wagon, Cooler, Boxes, Bin, Bag.
12:00 PM
Unit: 00610 , Rock Wester
Scooter Parts, Boxes
12:00 PM
Unit: 1020 , House Unit
totes, boxes, bags, nails screws, ladder, pictures, rope, books, bags, home decor
12:00 PM
Unit: 0647 , Katelyn Tarr
Dressers, Cabinets, Totes, Clothes
Unit: 4140 , Jenny Pellerin
Suitcase, Boxes, Bins, Christmas Tree, Basinet, Chest, Clothes
12:00 PM
Unit: 00023 , John Goff
Seasonal wreath, Boxes, Bins, Seat cushions, Blankets
Unit: 00159 , Thomas Weadock
Seasonal Decor, AC, Books, Treadmill, Furniture, Generator, Coat Rack, Boxes
Unit: 00165 , John J Lennon
Furniture, Boxes, Mattress, Box Spring, Microwave, Vacuum
Unit: 00167 , Christopher Gallagher
Tires, Boxes, Speaker, Hat
Unit: 00310 , Edward Bree
Leaf blower, Air compressor, Love seat, Furniture, Bags, Bins, Box springs, Mattress, Cooler, Clothes, Table saw
Unit: 00604 , Russell Manuello
File cabinet, Wood
12:00 PM
Unit: I42 , Gary Crandall
Shop Vac,table saw,totes,ladder, fishing pole,circular saw,folding table, work bench, tools, tool boxes, furniture, folding chairs, Holiday décor,fan, lights, pet carrier,cooler
12:00 PM
Unit: C102 , William Nolde
furniture, portable heater, picture, wine bottle
Unit: I112 , Renee Lyons
boxes, bags, furniture, clothing, golf bag
12:00 PM
Unit: B122 , Steven Stone
furniture, boxes, luggage
Unit: D137 , Mary Rosania
furniture, boxes, luggage
12:00 PM
Unit: 1411 , Mireille Armand
Refrigerator, Furniture, Tv, Boxes, Bags
Unit: 3324 , Nicole Leggett
Ac's, Microwave, Boxes, Bins, Furniture, Fan, Games, Books, Cd's
12:00 PM
Unit: E188 , Timothy J. Deitz
Fire Pit
12:00 PM
Unit: 125 , Jose Cruz
chairs, ottomans, mirror, books, bin, picture, pillows
Unit: 172 , Carlos DeJesus
headboard, footboard, bedrails, dressers, mirror, box, mattresses
Unit: 200 , Dennis Hawkes
bicycle, sofa, dressers, bins, household items, books, bag, hose, shoes
12:00 PM
Unit: 019 , Brian Robles
suitcases, bins, mattresses, backpack, boxes, microwave, household items
Unit: 335 , Luis Concepcion
cooler, rope, skateboard, box
Unit: 367 , Zaidaliz Torres
blankets, car mats, toys, furniture, bicycle
Unit: 415 , Scarlett Arias
Unit: 513 , Jenny Lee Dunn aka Jenny Dunn
furniture, toys, lamp, stuffed animals, basket, boxes, bins, air conditioner, tables, clothing
Unit: 534 , Kurt Kozat
bicycle, tires, box, clothing, vacuum, mirror
Unit: 844 , Alexander Soriano
office chairs, clothing, clothing racks, banner, futon, table, barrel, mirror, rugs
Unit: 838 , Azmoses S Bernier
pallets, fencing, bags, wood, wheelbarrow, tools
12:00 PM
Unit: 1018 , Mary Laregina
mattress, dvd's, totes, boxes
12:00 PM
Unit: U12 , Amy L Giovannangelo
household goods and furnishing, boxes, misc
Unit: V14 , Kimberlee Passino
household goods and furnishings, boxes, misc
12:00 PM
Unit: 0575 , Ali C Ahmed aka Ali Ahmed
Tiles, Fish poles, Rugs, kayak, suitcase, bags, lamps, tv, tools, wet bag
12:00 PM
Unit: #B053 , Lauren Toombs
Furniture, boxes, appliances, grill, totes, mattress, toys.
12:00 PM
Unit: A025 , Dawn Russo
dresser, mattress, bags, suitcases, totes, basket
Unit: B065 , Marcial Alvares
tall dresser, 2 AC's, totes, bags, razor scooter, video games
Unit: B116 , Matthew Palma
appliances, mattress, mattress frame, toy set, dresser, tote
Unit: G275 , David Philip
microwave, cooler, totes, boxes, laundry basket, fabrics
Unit: D171 , House Unit
tools, doors, cabinets, tool boxes, ladders, totes, wardrobe,
Unit: G297 , House Unit
ATV, ride on lawn mower, bicycle, dishes, tire, tote
12:00 PM
Unit: E003 , Raymond Amezader
Boxes, Bags, Toys, Chair, Cart roller, Buckets
Unit: B37 , Kenneth Bush
Paint, Misc.tubs, Chair, Household Goods, Tables, Boxes
Unit: C061 , Greg Thompson
lights, Boxes, Clothes, Pillow, Couch, Tables
12:00 PM
Unit: 0213 , Jeremy Johnson
Microwave, refrigerator, dryer, AC window unit, desk, file cabinets, water cooler, chairs, doors, misc. tools, ice tea maker, tables
12:00 PM
Unit: 0137 , Christopher Powers
TV, keyboard and monitor, tool bench, plastic barrels, baby toys, 3 wheel barrels, cooler, sprayer, tiles, shovel