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Storage Treasures
Auctions held at:

www.StorageStuff.Bid • OR • OR •* and must be fully paid by 10am on the date specified below to stop the scheduled auction.

* only available in FL, CO and TN


as of 10:02AM, Sunday, March 26, 2017

NOTE: Winning bidders may access their acquired property during office hours only. Other restrictions may apply.

March 24, 2017
March 27, 2017
March 28, 2017
March 29, 2017
March 30, 2017
March 31, 2017
April 01, 2017
April 03, 2017
April 04, 2017
April 05, 2017
April 06, 2017
April 07, 2017
April 10, 2017
April 11, 2017
April 12, 2017
April 13, 2017
April 14, 2017
April 15, 2017
April 17, 2017
April 18, 2017
April 19, 2017
April 20, 2017
April 22, 2017
April 24, 2017
April 26, 2017
April 27, 2017
April 28, 2017
May 02, 2017
March 24, 2017
10:00 AM
Unit: 548 , Ivyleslie Lanza
mattress, table, chairs, dresser, air conditioner, fan, heater, vacuum cleaner, misc boxes
Unit: 7B1 , Darcy Mitchell
tiles, sofa, chair, vacuum cleaner, wheelchair, boxes, totes, commode, walker, bedding, microwave
Unit: 7C5 , Jade Graves
toys, stands, shelf unit, tricycle, microwave, toy box, cushions, table, totes
10:00 AM
Unit: 420 , Rickey Yarborough aka Rickey L. Yarborough
chairs, table, mattress, box spring, dresser, stand, mirror, bed frame, tools, plant, bag
10:00 AM
Unit: N358 & L274 , House Units
Office supplies left behind in two units, contents are in two separate units.
10:00 AM
Unit: 00845 , Tim Leccese
Furniture, baby Furniture, Baby Toys, Appliances, Tv, Boxes and Totes.
10:00 AM
Unit: 00573 , Amber Barttlet Benoit
Furniture, Bag, Baby Toys, Children's toys.
10:00 AM
Unit: 098 , Roshell Sharpe (AKA Roshell C Sharpe)
Household Items, Mattress, Box Spring
Unit: 182 , Mary Godbold
Washer/Dryer, Misc. Items
Unit: 339 , Joseph E Berry
Boxes, Lamp, Misc. Items
10:00 AM
Unit: 0647 , Jimmy L. Wiggins
Bow, pool cue, tools, fishing pole, clothes, helmet and bags
Unit: 0104 , Calvin Wilson
Toys, table, dresser, chairs, headboard and sectional.
10:00 AM
Unit: 00531 , Jared Vanderbloeman
Totes, Boxes, Furniture, Appliance.
10:00 AM
Unit: E196 , John Vecchio
AC's, clothes, bins, baby car seat, baby goods, baby crib, crib mattress
Unit: A051 , Samuel Sanders
TV, furniture, boxes,mattress,
Unit: B074 , house unit
mattress, furniture
Unit: B110 , house unit
bags, mattress, laundry basket, TV, totes
Unit: C158 , house unit
clothes, end table, baby items, storage unit
Unit: G247 , house unit
10:00 AM
Unit: 0171 , Daniel Belcher
TV, TV stand, suitcase, stackable washer/dryer, boxes, mattress
Unit: 0352 , Daniel A. Lippold
tripod, boxes, bags, briefcase
10:00 AM
Unit: 07035 , Karen Murphy
Dresser, desk, tables, boxes, household furniture, end tables and kitchen cookware.
10:10 AM
Unit: 06095 , Olivia Aikins-Afful
Chairs, desks, end table and boxes.
10:00 AM
Unit: 0911 , Jose Carabello aka Jose Caraballo
Unit appears to contain: chairs, bins, boxes, shelving, recliner, vacuum, table, rocking chair
Unit: 0912 , Jose Carabello aka Jose Caraballo
Unit appears to contain: sink, dresser, bins, boxes, toys, table
Unit: 0743 , Steven Taylor aka Stevens Taylor
Unit appears to contain: washer, vacuum, boxes, cedar chests
10:00 AM
Unit: 327D , Maurice Wallace
Unit: 323A , Barbara F. Bradley
ladder, furniture, hose, boxes, totes
Unit: 337 , Keely Carter
heater, suitcases, tote, chest, boxes
Unit: 109F , James Runyon
mirror, glass, carpet cleaner, clothes, boxes, chair
10:00 AM
Unit: I013 , Jesse Alvarez
freezer, yard toys, shovels, fishing rods, ladders, shelves, tool box, totes, bike frame, misc
Unit: E011 , Kimberly Gross
Chairs, furniture, boxes, tv, cooler, stereo, home décor and totes
10:00 AM
Unit: 924 , Courtney Johnson-Smith
Totes, Bags, Boxes, Clothes and Shoes
Unit: 3009 , Daniel Harrington aka Crystal Harrington
Step Stool, Radio, Chair, Boxes, Exercise Equipment, Tools and Luggage
Unit: 2085 , Linda Welsh
Furniture, Household items, Bags, Totes, Games, Appliances, Metal Shelf
Unit: 2078 , Frank Pantalone
Tool Chests, Tools, Jack Stands, Generator, Golf Clubs, Floor Jack, Back Pack, Flooring, Cooler, Furniture dolly, Child Gate
Unit: 3076 , Kristine M. Meyer aka Kristine Meyer
Desk with Hutch, Christmas Tree, Dresser, Basketball Hoop, Computer, Printer, Monitor, Outside Table, Vehicle Bench Seat, Football Gear, Boxes, Bags, Totes, Computer/Desk Chair
Unit: 2141 , Kamala Taylor
Boxes, Bags, Totes, Area Rug, Vacuum Cleaner, Kids Toys, Bike, Bookcase, Clothes
Unit: 2018 , Kamala Taylor
Mattress, Bedframe, Table and Chairs, Bags of Products, Laundry Basket, Cooler, Totes, Boxes, Bags, Computer, Lights, Back Pack, Shoe Boxes & Suit Case
Unit: 5117 , Roxanne Pierce aka Roxane Pirce aka Roxane Pierce
Wardrobe, Furniture, Boxes, Bags, Totes, Clothes and Tools
Unit: 5013 , Cheryl Graham
Wooden Wardrobe, Desk, Furniture and Tote
Unit: 805 , Nicole Martin
Furniture, Exercise Equipment, Bedding, Boxes, Bags, Totes and Toys
Unit: 867 , John Sims
Furniture, Small Appliances, Boxes, Bags, Totes, Computer Equipment, Bedding and TV
10:00 AM
Unit: A44 , Danny Montes/Ruben Pagan
2005 Toyota Avalon, Pictures, Suitcase, Misc Items, Boxes, Bags
Unit: A56 , Thomas Depalma
Household Items, Appliance, Outdoor Items, Collectables, Musical Instrument cases,Boxes, Bags, Bins
Unit: D01 , Alton Hall
Exercise Equipment, Electronics, Tools
10:00 AM
Unit: F065 , Joseph Glasser
Stereo Speaker, Record Albums, Used Tires, Auto Cleaning Supplies, Totes, Wet-Dry Vac, Luggage, Tools
10:00 AM
Unit: 0114 , Steve Hosac aka Stephen
Furniture, Totes, Organ, Boxes, Bins, Chairs and Wicker Baskets
10:00 AM
Unit: OUT05 , Ronald H. Haynes
boat and trailer - NO TITLE, sold for PARTS ONLY, as is, where is
Unit: N04 , Dan A. Viele, AKA Dan Viele
household goods and furnishings, boxes, misc
Unit: F19 , Ashelee C. Koehler
household goods and furnishings, boxes, misc
Unit: M23 , Bridgette N. Rose
household goods and furnishings, boxes, misc
Unit: N32 , Keisha Sharrow
household goods and furnishings, boxes, misc
Unit: Q19 , Christopher Anderson
household goods and furnishings, boxes, misc
10:00 AM
Unit: 324 , Robert Spencer AKA Robert Henry Spencer
Dresser, recliner, baby stuff, parts of a cabinet
Unit: 140 , Michelle Smith AKA Michelle D. Smith
Mattress, box spring, chairs, couches, bags, boxes, clothes, mirror, radio, toys
Unit: 246 , Justin Cavicchi
10:00 AM
Unit: 0627 , Ann L. Hottel AKA Ann Hottel
Tire, Games, Furniture, Totes and Boxes
10:00 AM
Unit: 0474 , Patricia Odonohue aka Pat Odonohue
Furniture, Bedding, Totes and Boxes
Unit: 0487 , Dennis Doherty
Furniture, Carseats, Vase and Clothes
Unit: 0205 , Emmanuel Bogro
Stereo Equipment, Gas Can, Hamper, Box and Bags
10:30 AM
Unit: 0147 , Steve Hosac aka Stephen
Furniture, Metal Shelving, Books, Shelves, Boxes, Fabric and Riding mower
09:00 AM
Unit: 3062 , Richard Smith
Household Items, Toys
09:30 AM
Unit: 3033 , Richard Grant AKA Richard L Grant AKA Richard Grant Jr
Boxes, Bags, Fishing Pole
10:00 AM
Unit: D151 , Anna Love AKA Kinnon's Child Care
Furniture, Electronics, Small appliances, Seasonal decorations, Kids toys, Tires, Boxes, Misc
Unit: F337 , Ingrid Taylor
Movies, Painting, Boxes, Misc
Unit: E253 , Tashara F Dodson
Furniture, Appliances, Electronics, Holiday decorations, Boxes, Misc
10:00 AM
Unit: 3007 , Michael Pawluk
Household Items
10:00 AM
Unit: 334 , Lora Wood AKA Lora L. Wood
boxes, bags, couch, bicycle, tables, luggage, chairs, clothes, snow shovel, shelves, TV's, totes
10:00 AM
Unit: G3103 , Lasjon Adams
Stair stepper, tables, picture, tray, rack, boxes
Unit: G1208 , Alvita Peters
Bicycle, toys, recliner, aquarium with stand, washing machine, dresser, shelving unit, end table, CD's/DVD's, mirror
Unit: G3502 , House Unit
This is a great unit for the one getting their first place on their own. It has pictures, tilting table, coffee maker, can opener, toaster, VCR (with remote), TV, comforter with bed skirt, pillows and shams, blanket, iron with ironing board, phones and answering machines, along with various other household items.There is even a broom and dustpan!
10:00 AM
Unit: 0354B , Daniel J Soucy aka Daniel Soucy
Boxes, Home Appliances
Unit: 0344B , Junelle L Desautels aka Junelle Desautels
Furniture, Couch, Boxes, Bins
Unit: 0527A , Anthony M Cote aka Anthony Cote
Furniture, Mattress, Boxes
10:00 AM
Unit: 441 , Stephen Harkins
Boxes,Totes,Christmas Tree
Unit: 127 , Mark Kollmeyer
Totes,Tool boxes,Boxes,Clothes,Bags,Baseball bats,Shovel
Unit: 317 , Deanna Crnkovic
Mattress,Box spring,Vacuum,Microwave,Boxes
10:00 AM
Unit: 00826 , Dalena VanOrden
Pictures, mattresses, printer, lawn chairs, 2 t.v's, A/C unit, tools, trash can.
10:00 AM
Unit: 4046 , Joan Wilkerson
Books, Cds, Book Shalves, Floor lamp, Coat Rackes, Boxes, Frames, Artwork, Mirror
Unit: 2083 , Dominique Curry
Boxes, Totes, Tires with rims, Stools, Shelves, Kids toys, Clothes
10:00 AM
Unit: 351 , Linda Altas
Sofa,Refrigerator, Bags,Lamps,household goods,electronics
Unit: 128 , Jules Smythe
10:00 AM
Unit: C014 , Robert Brisson
ladders, boxes, vacuum, gas cans, paint cans, tools, paint machines
Unit: F030 , Jennifer Deleveski
TV, Boxes, Cassettes, Couch, Furniture, Books, Piano
Unit: E032 , Roland Carlow
Boxes, Totes, Rocking Chair, Toys, Bags, Skate Board
Unit: E011 , Jeffrey Jeranka
Mattresses, Table, Headboard, Boxes, Bags, Lamp, Dresser
10:00 AM
Unit: 510 , Jay Lebrun
toys, fan, AC, microwave, table, bench, chairs, lamp, vacuum, boxes, misc. items
10:00 AM
Unit: 0185 , Katina Chiera
Table Bed frame totes boxes bags clothes speaker
10:00 AM
Unit: 606 , Lilley Odell-Abandoned
Couch,dresser,chairs, mattress, box spring, misc furniture, toys, shoes, clothes, filing cabinet, pogo stick, bags, boxes, misc items.
10:00 AM
Unit: 301 , Floyd Shafer AKA Floyd ShaferIV AKA Floyd F. Shafer AKA Floyd F. Shafer IV
Musical Instrument, Safety Box, Stands, Lamp, Boxes, Tote, Misc.
Unit: 0804 , Christopher J. LaClair AKA Christopher LaClair AKA Chris J. LaClair AKA Chris LaClair
Mirror, Fireplace, Table, Chairs, Stand
Unit: 671 , Earron Durham AKA Earron L. Durham AKA Earren Durham
Washer, Dryer, Couch, Bags, Stand
10:00 AM
Unit: C007 , Shauntaevia Day
couch, headboard, dishes, vanity, mattress, fan, household items, clothes, boxes, totes, bags, misc
10:00 AM
Unit: 00832 , Tara Lambert
Furniture, Clothes, Globe, Crockpot, Assorted Boxes, Luggage, Books, Manual Lawn Mower, Two Dressers, Nightstand
Unit: 00834 , Joshua Turner
Misc. Boxes, totes, bags,luggage, Car Seat, Lawn Mower, Heater, Leaf Blower
10:00 AM
Unit: J289 , Harold Roy Cooper Jr. AKA Harold Cooper Jr.
Bike, Car seat, Truck Box, Totes, Boxes, Furniture, Toys, Hand Truck, Carts, Brooms, misc.
10:00 AM
Unit: D011 , Pamela Warthen
Boxes, totes, shelf, furniture, chair, mattress
Unit: C060 , Beverly M Parker AKA Beverly Parker
Totes, dresser, chairs, furniture, bags
10:00 AM
Unit: 1031 , Kristen Murray
Cabinet, Bikes, Totes, Table, Chairs, Chords, Bags, Golf Clubs, Broom, Bed Frame, Air Conditioner, Fan, Tools,
10:00 AM
Unit: C003 , Marcia Weimer
Dressers, step stool, books, boxes, baskets, home décor and misc
Unit: K036 , Jackie M Pickett aka Jackie Pickett
Box spring, mattress, microwave, Keurig, vacuum, boxes, bed frame, floor lamp, household items and misc
10:00 AM
Unit: 45 , Kristie Kellogg
TV, TV Stand, Furniture, Household Goods
10:00 AM
Unit: J015 , Jasmine Zeigler
mattress, boxes, bags, totes, shoes and all other unit contents.
10:00 AM
Unit: 0529B , David T Gomes
Couch, Furniture, Boxes, Bins, Art
Unit: 0164 , Ashleigh A Brooks
Baby Supplies, Furniture
Unit: 0424B , Holly Riley
Furniture, Boxes, Bins
10:00 AM
Unit: 306 , Kevin Baynes AKA Kevin K. Baynes
Books, Bags, Boxes, Sneakers
10:00 AM
Unit: 2088 , House Unit
Game table, Boxes, Totes, misc. household goods
Unit: 2126 , House Unit
Automotive Rims, Desk, Shelving
Unit: 032 , House Unit
Dressers, Exercise equipment, Desk, Shelving
Unit: 2050 , House Unit
Bags, Boxes, Totes, end tables
10:00 AM
Unit: 1234 , Ralph Pace AKA Ralph P. Pace
Boxes, Totes, Bins, Furniture, Household items, shelves, Luggage, Electronics
Unit: 1232 , Odessa Lawry
Bags, Luggage, Totes, Luggage
10:00 AM
Unit: 281 , Warren Albert Johansen AKA Warren Johansen AKA Warren Alb Johansen
Wash Board, Totes, Metal Detector, Boxes, Fan, Bed Frame
Unit: 300 , Jacqueline Tarver
Boxes, Cooler, Shelf/Rack, Antique Table, Typewriter, Tote, Ironing Board, Brief Case
10:00 AM
Unit: C0019 , Gail Reid
Washer, Dryer, Dressers, Bed Frame, Mattresses, Furniture, Boxes, Lamps, China Cabinet, Freezer, Television, and Toys.
Unit: D0077 , Dennis Ward
Boxes, Furniture, Grill, Golf Clubs, Jack Stand, and Bags.
Unit: E88K0 , Kareem D. Jackson
Television, Boxes, Lamps, Mattresses, Box Spring, Bed Frame, Household items, Vacuum, Luggage, and Furniture.
10:00 AM
Unit: 1210 , Angela Winters AKA Angela N. Winters
Stove, Dryer, Doors, Refrigerator, Shovels, Television, Metal, Tiki Torches, Broom, Table
10:00 AM
Unit: 838 , Christine M. Rutherford
Refrigerator, Furniture, Small TV,Jar of Coins,Totes,Boxes,Coolers
Unit: 5052 , Edward Burke
Books, Luggage, TV, Wood Flooring,Furniture, Boxes, Bags, Totes, Lamps, Table, Dolly
Unit: 3005 , Toshianna Miller
TV Stands, Boxes, Bags, Mattresses, Childrens Toys
Unit: 3018 , Stanley Sellers
Boxes, Bags, Totes, Area Rug, Table, Carpet Steam Cleaner
Unit: 5012 , Edward Mejia-Jerez
Bags, Cooler, Dishes, Boxes
Unit: 2049 , Timiya Allen
Entertainment Center, Bike Boxes, Jar of Coins
Unit: 5049 , Peggy Clifford
Books, Furniture, Bedding, Picture Frames, Outdoor Furniture, Toys
Unit: 5030 , Edward Burke Jr.
Totes, Tools, Bedding Furniture, Window AC Unit
Unit: 2093 , Adam Dooley
Small bits of Carpet
Unit: 3024 , Forrest McNair
TV's, Recliner, Dresser, Portable Potty, Table, Head Board
Unit: 2084 , Russell Welsh
Totes, Projector Screen, Backpack, Boxes
10:00 AM
Unit: A136 , Milka Martinez
Baby swing, printer, totes, electronics, bags, pictures, a/c window unit, kitchen utensils, misc.
Unit: A239 , Erica Rivers
Mattress, coffee table, vacuum, step ladder, misc.
Unit: B206 , Joni E. Eagan
tv, lamps, coat rack, tables, dresser, coffee table, couch, heater, misc.
Unit: D076 , Grace Lampley
Mattress, boxes, bins, wheelchair, tv, baskets, artificial plant, misc.
Unit: A006 , Erica Hitchcock
Bags, tables, boxes, lamps, shelves, couch, misc.
10:00 AM
Unit: I042 , Marcia Weimer
Dollie, fans, boxes, bags, fridge, baby items, ladder, shop vac, home décor and misc
Unit: L025 , Thomas Shurock
Mattresses, box springs, recliner, dresser, AC window unit, power tools, stereo, home décor and misc
Unit: M024 , George Atwell aka George Atwell Jr
Couch, mattress, box spring, clothes, boxes, microwave, misc
10:00 AM
Unit: B039 , Lawrence Francis
Microwave, Toaster Oven, TV, Table, Chairs, Etc.
10:00 AM
Unit: B036 , Jaypee Mason aka Jaypee R Mason
Luggage, Lock Box, Boxes, Totes
10:00 AM
Unit: E064 , Barry Urich aka Barry Urich, Jr.
Vacuum, Grill, Camping Gear, Bicycles, Hand truck, Totes
10:00 AM
Unit: 307A , Gregory Hughes
Boxes, dart board, bags, dolly, tools, household items
10:00 AM
Unit: 319 , Cherie Turgeon
Household Goods
Unit: 410 , Catherine Karanja
Household Goods
Unit: 415 , Ronald Smith
Household Goods
Unit: 434 , Carlene Foster
Household Goods
Unit: 502 , Christopher Johnson aka Chris Johnson
Household Goods
Unit: 616 , Jonathan Orozco
Household Goods
Unit: 630 , Lindsey Hubert (deceased)
Household Goods
Unit: 655 , Mary Lee
Household Goods
Unit: 739 , Adam Belanger
Household Goods
10:00 AM
Unit: M318 , Richard R Smith
Dirt Bike Boots, Couch, Dresser, Stands, Totes, Boxes, Furniture, Lamp, Mattress, Table, Dolly, Shovel, Rake
10:00 AM
Unit: G5 , Lorene Chouinard
Tools Weights Totes Gas Cans Books Tool Box Household Goods
Unit: H11 , Chris/ Christopher Hebert
Mattress Box Spring Tables Chairs Toys Boxes Electronics Wicker Furniture Pictures/Paintings Ironing Board Household Goods
10:00 AM
Unit: 644 , Ray & Heather Bruton aka Ray Bruton aka Heather Nicole Reynolds Bruton
Entertainment Center
10:00 AM
Unit: 132 , Derek Harper
Furniture,Boxes,Tires,Filing Cabinet
10:00 AM
Unit: M008 , Jerry Ricketts
Boxes, bags, totes, bow & arrow, bed, box spring, ladder, car seat and all other unit contents.
10:00 AM
Unit: W10 , Joseph A. Howell
household goods and furnishings, boxes and misc
Unit: M20 , Sarah J. Spinks
household goods and furnishings, boxes and misc
10:00 AM
Unit: B3033 , Thomas Petitti
Table and chairs, box spring, headboard, couch, dresser, boxes and suitcases
10:00 AM
Unit: 0447 , Raheem Alston
bags shoe boxes
Unit: 0520 , Michelle Paige
file cabinet table lamp chair piano tote
Unit: 0605 , Rashidah Kendall
table stroller baby table dresser chair bed box bags
Unit: 0718 , Pamela LaBounty
rocking chair furniture boxes microwave bed frame
10:00 AM
Unit: 565 , Dasarea Hyman aka Dasarea Shambrea Hyman
Boxspring, Mattress, Couch, Refrigerator, Kids kitchen, microwave
Unit: 324 , Rick Archer aka Rick James Archer
Boxes, records, hair dryer, pictures, piano
10:00 AM
Unit: B3037 , Kathryn Howard
Chair, boxes, bins, bags
10:05 AM
Unit: B3074 , Mary & Jim Swasey AKA James K. Swasey AKA Jim Swasey
Household items, boxes, bins, bags
10:10 AM
Unit: B3078 , Mary & Jim Swasey AKA James K. Swasey AKA Jim Swasey
Household items, boxes, bins, bags
10:00 AM
Unit: 612 , Randell McLemore aka Randell Thomas McLemore
10:00 AM
Unit: D109 , Janet Czosnykowski
Carpet, Furniture, Kids Toys, Suit Case, Cooler, Microwave, Dresser, Totes, Boxes
10:00 AM
Unit: 0826 , Alphonso Smith AKA Alphonso D. Smith
TV, Space Heater, Electronics, Boxes, Mattress,Chairs,Speakers, Stand, Blankets, Carpet, Table, Misc.
Unit: 500A , Pamela McNeal AKA Pamela D. McNeal
Headboard, Footboard, Chest Freezer, Dresser, Bags, Bike,Boxes, Battery Operated Kids four wheeler
Unit: 526 , Pamela McNeal AKA Pamela D. McNeal
Boxes,Bags,Totes,Table legs, toys, cooler, DVDs, Electronics, Basket, Duffel Bag
Unit: 0533 , Travis Cellini
TV,Heater,Pictures, Stand, Walker, Electronics, Fan, Totes
Unit: 549 , Jaime Spencer AKA Jaime J. Spencer
Bags,Boxes,Stands,DVDs,Vacuum,TV trays
Unit: 614 , Allan Proper AKA Allen Proper
TV,Headboards,Lamp, Basket, Stand, Boxes, Tea Cart, Wicker Chest, Chair, Wooden Chest, Candle Holders
Unit: 1032 , Scott Gannon AKA Scott M.Gannon
Bike,Fan,Boxes,Table,Chair, Microwave,Basketball Hoop,Toolbox,Vacuum,Bags,Skateboard,Misc.
10:00 AM
Unit: 02090 , Mizanur Kkhan
Bikes,exercise machine,lamps,wicker furniture,TVs,luggage,boxes,chairs
10:00 AM
Unit: G017 , Jenny Stine
Dryer, book shelf, desk chair, bags, recliner, lamp, surround bar, printer, stuffed animals, fake plant and misc
10:00 AM
Unit: 2157 , Victor Correa
Couch, chairs, boxes, totes, grill, suitcase
Unit: 2082 , Tim D Reinhardt
Boxes, bags, end tables, suitcases, desk chair, electronics, cooler
Unit: 2011 , Alejandro Correa-Garfias
Totes, bags, Mattress, chair, Automotive rims, trophy, electronics, bed frame
Unit: 041 , Joe Gomez
Bicycle, Tables, Chairs, Area rugs, totes, vacuum, shelving unit, electronics, box spring, Misc. household goods
Unit: 2100 , Cynthia Reyes
Ladder, Boxes, dressers, bed frame
Unit: 2146 , Esther Tranchita
boxes, totes, musical instument cases, plastic shelves Bags
Unit: 2158 , Esther Tranchita
dolly, patio furniture, dressers, cabinets, mattresses, grill
Unit: 2150 , Esther Tranchita
Boxes, totes, bags, Bicycle, vacuum, shelving unit
10:00 AM
Unit: F043 , Rodney Bowers
Household Items, Small Refrigerator, Furniture, Toys, TV, Twin Mattress & Boxspring
10:00 AM
Unit: C19 , Grace Norton
Unit: K6 , Joseph Mariano AKA Joeseph Maricino
Tool box,Portable grill,Fishing pole,Shop vac,Totes,Helmet,Tools, Ladder,Bags,Pictures​
10:00 AM
Unit: A182 , Lisa Lowrie
washer, vacuum, electronics, shelf, crates, boxes, baskets, table, stool, couch, misc.
Unit: B106 , Sonya Reynolds
tables, TV's, mirror, box spring, mattress, crates, electronics, boxes, bags, trash can, locker, clothes, shoes, misc.
Unit: D064 , Marilyn Carey aka Marilyn M. Carey
boxes, bags, mattress, box spring, bed rails, couch, ottoman, dressers, tables, shower seat, vacuum, misc.