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and must be fully paid by 10am on the date specified below to stop the scheduled auction.

* only available in FL, CO and TN


as of 12:26AM, Tuesday, June 27, 2017

NOTE: Winning bidders may access their acquired property during office hours only. Other restrictions may apply.

June 26, 2017
June 27, 2017
June 28, 2017
June 29, 2017
June 30, 2017
July 03, 2017
July 05, 2017
July 06, 2017
July 07, 2017
July 10, 2017
July 11, 2017
July 12, 2017
July 13, 2017
July 14, 2017
July 15, 2017
July 18, 2017
July 20, 2017
July 21, 2017
July 22, 2017
July 24, 2017
July 25, 2017
July 27, 2017
July 28, 2017
July 31, 2017
August 02, 2017
August 03, 2017
August 04, 2017
June 26, 2017
12:00 PM
Unit: 348 , ASHLEY L ROSS
12:00 PM
Unit: K002 , Don Eaton
Toys, mattress's, electronics, bed frame, furniture, clothing, tiger picture, car jack, boxes, bags, totes and all other unit contents
12:00 PM
Unit: F123 , Stephanie Cherry
totes, boxes, frame, tv, mattress, suitcase, misc. items
Unit: J164 , Abigail Wasson
tv, clothes, misc. furniture
12:00 PM
Unit: 08204 , David Rivenbark AKA David Coty Rivenbark
Bike and boxes
Unit: 06026 , Kayla Trent
Mattresses, box and tote
12:00 PM
Unit: B112 , Kevin Hoag
Clothes, Boxes, Bins, Bags, Furniture, Mattress, Boxspring
Unit: 240 , Marimelda Torres
Boxes, Bags, Bins, Table w/ chairs, Cabinetry, Household Items, Furniture
Unit: 232 , Charles Minard
Mattress, Boxspring, Chair
12:00 PM
Unit: 645 , Christina Rocheleau
dresser, pillow, box
Unit: 533 , Sharon Buck
office equipment, TV, TV stand, blanket
Unit: 028 , Kareem Whitely aka Kareem Whitley
tires, bathtub, luggage, pallets
Unit: 358 , Charlotte Landry
furniture, boxes, bins, lamps
Unit: 652 , Kevin Valkavitch
boxes, crates, lamps, toys, suitcases
Unit: 623 , Jason Willett
rug, boxes, chairmats
Unit: 352 , Emanuel Rosario Morales
car hood, tire
Unit: 521 , Gregory Frederick
flooring, TV, pallets, shelf, mirror
Unit: 751 , David Herbert
lamps, chair, bed frame, shovel, table, stool, office chairs
Unit: 526 , Patrick Wood
chairs, hockey sticks, pictures, toys, bags, bins
Unit: 459 , Gilson DaSilva aka Silva Stone Masonry
pallets, bricks, stone, rake, hose, wood, cooler
Unit: 435 , Marc Gaudette
tarp, box, TV
Unit: 476 , Susan Cotreau
furniture, bags, boxes, chairs, tables, bed frame
Unit: 353 , Kimberley Ann Shattuck
chair, couch, table, vacuum, furniture, bike
Unit: 506 , Sean Putney
toys, bins, chair, lamp, bike, boxes
Unit: 482 , Daniel Thompson
chairs, boxes, bins, bags, mattresses, coolers, lamps, couches
Unit: 477 , Judy Sheppard aka Judy Sheppard Silva
bins, chairs, furniture, lamps, mirror
Unit: 522 , Charles M Guyodi
50 gallon drum, boxes, chair, suitcases, tire
Unit: 427 , Leeann Morales
tires, bins, bags, suitcase, chair, toys
Unit: 345 , Luis Sanchez Pereira
chairs, furniture
Unit: 386 , Mark Roberts
table, light, boxes, bins, clothing
12:00 PM
Unit: A185 , Jose March
Unit: B220 , Aretha Lee
Kid Riding toy,Table,High Chair,Car Seat,Luggage,Play Sand,Misc
12:00 PM
Unit: S22 , Britainie S Edson
household goods and furnishings, boxes, misc.
12:00 PM
Unit: 100 , Barbara F. Bradley
12:00 PM
Unit: B119 , James Ryan
Horse Saddles, Small Heaters, Totes, Boxes, Briefcase, Etc
12:00 PM
Unit: 3166 , William Cleveland
Ice Chest, Chair, Kids Toys, Table, Boxes, Clothes, AC, Stroller
Unit: 3030 , Elliot Antoine
Table, Shoes, Suit Case, BB Gun, Bags
12:00 PM
Unit: B006 , Shanta T. Smith aka Shanta' Smith
Furniture,bedding, crib,microwave, boxes
Unit: C57B , John Boe
Furniture, boxes & bags
12:00 PM
Unit: 23066 , Damion Westerhaus
boxes, bins, chairs, microwave, suitcase
Unit: 11285 , Alexandria Stewart
boxes, bags, bins, mattress, bed frame, crutches, drink dispenser, toys
Unit: 24088 , William Bradley Jr.
tires, boxes, cabinet, shelves, chair, televisions, space heater, rocking horse, bags, laundry basket, mattress, head board, bins
Unit: 32131 , Thais Bradley
chairs, boxes, mattress, bags, shoes
Unit: DA015 , James Caldwell
sofa, chairs, tables, bags, boxes, lamps, TV, mattress, clothes, rack, totes
12:00 PM
Unit: 2191 , Rashid Johnson
Clothes, Mattress
Unit: 3078 , Rosemary Ozuna
dresser, glass table, love seat, chairs
Unit: 2172 , Arthur Rossky
Fan, clothes, black garbage bags, newspapers
12:00 PM
Unit: D014 , Trinae Jones
Baby Clothes,purses,boxes,totes,toys,suit cases,clothes and misc.
Unit: C015 , John E Core
Unit: C079 , Victoria Ibrahim
pictures,bed frames,weights,TV stand,end tables,flat screen tv,couch,beds,pictures,hope chest,bar stools,bags,boxes,kids toys,big wheel,lights,ottoman,curtain rods,misc.
Unit: C041 , Ashley Vogel
bags, organizer, clothes, tv, dvd player, toaster oven, end tables, mirror, shoes, fan/heater, microwave, misc.
Unit: D071 , Richard Ford
Clothing, Misc.
12:00 PM
Unit: 92 , House Unit
household goods and furnishings, boxes, clothing, filing cabinet, chair misc.
12:00 PM
Unit: F206 , Howard Harlan
TV, TV stand, mattress, box spring, furniture, boxes, bags, totes, microwave, toolbox, fan, dresser, stereo
Unit: E015 , Amanda Hosterman
Bike, tripod, wheelchair, childern's whiteboard, desk, table, chair, boxes, bags, totes
12:00 PM
Unit: H108 , Yvonne M. Kukielka a.k.a Yvonne McRory-Kukielka
filing boxes, totes, buckets, household items
Unit: I112 , Renee Lyons
boxes, totes, furniture, electronics, bags, toys, dvd's, golf bag
12:00 PM
Unit: H31 , Smith, Nicholas
Drum Set, Hutch, Table with Leafs, Chairs, Tote, Vacuum, Cooler, Toaster, Oven, Basket, Box Spring, Bags, Amplifier
12:00 PM
Unit: E029 , House Unit
Smoker, dishes, furniture, refrigerator, tv, etc
12:00 PM
Unit: a004 , House Unit
sliding filing cabinets, skids, etc
12:00 PM
Unit: 0104 , Abandoned House Unit
Bins, File Cabinet, Wheelchair, Accent tables, Bike, Mini fridge, Folding room divider, Boxes, Mirrors, Shelf, High stools, Wall decor, TV
12:00 PM
Unit: C128 , Robert Bossard
cooler, microwave, misc items
12:00 PM
Unit: 106 , House Unit
10:00 AM
Unit: 1218 , Kevin Merunka
Unit: 1249 , Alexandra Blue
Unit: 1148 , Melvin Gray
Cable boxes-weights-boxes
Unit: 1233 , Michael Jacobson
Unit: 1241 , Ernest Souamy
Totes-household items-luggage-clothing
Unit: 2148 , Ronald Wesp
Unit: 2388 , Alexandra Blue
Curtain rods-plant-cabinets
12:00 PM
Unit: 3029 , Ceeja Gordon
Matress, China Choset, Boxes, Bags, Couch, Dresser, Lamp
12:00 PM
Unit: 0479 , Brian Mckearney
couch, boxes, carpet, clock, tools.
12:00 PM
Unit: B025 , Dawn Cox, AKA Dawn E Cox
Boxes, Luggage, Trunk Posters, Books, Furniture, Electronics
12:00 PM
Unit: A146 , S. Scott Dean
Table,mattress,box spring,shelf,grill top,headboard,box,misc.
Unit: B245 , Martell Arter
Unit: A258 , Selena Griggs
garden tools, tote, box, kid riding toys, misc.
Unit: D076 , Grace Lampley
boxes, crates, furniture, household goods, mattress, boxes, chairs, tv, bins, baskets, wheel chair, plant, misc.
Unit: D020 , Brian Clark
kid riding toys, bed frame, mirror, misc.
Unit: A281 , Jeramy Govea
totes, couch, box, washer, misc.
12:00 PM
Unit: 562 , Davioughn Rose
Household furniture, TV's, aquarium, boxes, clothing, table, bed frame, and speaker.
12:00 PM
Unit: 0527 , Aaron Washington Aka Aaron J Washington
Furniture, Stand, tables, Boxes, miscellaneous items
12:00 PM
Unit: J249 , Kenneth Reid
Boxes,Exercise Equipment, Clothes, Furniture,Household Goods
12:00 PM
Unit: 00703 , Nicholas Barbas
Sectional, stool, TV, Bins, Chair, end table, Boxes
Unit: 00158 , Richard J Jannino
bike, tires, boxes, blankets
Unit: 00175 , Peter B Piso
ac units, dresser, vacuum, table, storage bin, boxes, dryer,blanckets
Unit: 00611 , Scott E Loring
refrigerator, horse shoes, tables, tool box shelving
12:00 PM
Unit: SS149 , Dale Hodgkins
Boxes, Bureau, furniture, various outdoor tools, gas can, laundry basket, lamp, black trash bags, microwave, hand grinders
Unit: 661 , Brian Belanger
Plastic Totes, Chairs, Shovel, Table, Plastic Bags, Household goods
Unit: 312 , Greg Adams
Tool Box, Coolers, Golf Clubs, Golf Balls, Coat Rack, Bicycle, Lamp, Propane Tank, Picture, picture frame, Various pieces of furniture
12:00 PM
Unit: E011 , Ruth Petrie
dressers,mattress,box spring(split queen),totes,mirrors,misc
Unit: D094 , Jennifer Roseman
clothes,organizers,totes,boxes,tvs,entertainment stand,box spring,vacuum,mattress,books,clothes,stereo,misc.
Unit: G059 , Ciera Dent
Tables,sports table,pictures,boxes,totes,toys,lamp,books,microwave,smoker,misc.
Unit: D068 , Roy P Irvin Jr aka Roy Irvin
couch,table,chair,dressers,bed frame,pillows,misc.
Unit: G025 , Katie Boyer
12:00 PM
Unit: 250/272 , Jessica Duda
Coffee Table, Patio Table, Walker, Safe, Tote, Bar Stools, Mounted Deer Head, Suitcase, Office Chair, Clothing.
12:00 PM
Unit: M7 , Sarah Pitt
Chair, Bed, Electronics, Boxes, Table, Pictures, A. unit,Totes, and Vacuum
12:00 PM
Unit: 148 , Kimberley Sousie
Toy Tricycle, Blue Tote, Coat Rack, Washer, Chair, Bed Frame, Wall Clock, Folding Table, Boxes, Vacuum Cleaner, Small Plant Stand.
12:00 PM
Unit: 0333 , Nick Noel with Virginia Beach Pools aka Nicodemo Vincenzo Noel with Virginia Beach Pools
tools, fishing poles, cement mixer, concrete blocks, chairs, misc
12:00 PM
Unit: A016 , Stanley E Vlach
Misc tools, ladders, misc furniture. Dirt bikes not for sale
12:00 PM
Unit: 00608 , Raquel V. Moore
Washer, Dryer, Refrigerator, 2 totes and deep freezer.
12:00 PM
Unit: 223 , Roland E Georgi
Furniture,Bags,Electronics, Misc.
12:00 PM
Unit: 166 , Gerardo Garcia
Unit: 544 , Kerry Peterson
Furniture, Christmas Decorations,Trash can, Clothes Basket, Table,Chairs,Box
Unit: 581 , Daniel Williams Aka Daniel Craig Williams
Totes, Furniture, Clothes, Bed Frame, Futon, Chair, Four tables
10:00 AM
Unit: 2111 , James Rodrigues
Treadmill-projector-hand truck-tools
12:00 PM
Unit: C033 , Adam C Keeney
Totes, Boxes, Bags, Books, Clothes, Plastic Organizer
12:00 PM
Unit: H165 , Raymond Fauver, AKA Raymond Allen Fauver III
Furniture, Boxes, Luggage
12:00 PM
Unit: F204 , Stephan Williams
Helmet, motorcross gear, motor oil, boxes, bike battery
Unit: F245 , NIck Troutman- AKA Nicholas Troutman
Free weights, TV, air conditioner, shelving, shop vac, speakers, printers, boxes, bags, totes, fan, golf clubs
12:00 PM
Unit: C18 , Maria Mirabile
Toys, Holiday Decorations,Boxes,Totes,Bags,Clothes, Misc.
Unit: C22 , Maria Mirable
Washer Machine , Furniture , Holiday Decorations , Clothes , Boxes , Bags ,Misc .
Unit: 520 , Lee R, Jorgenson
Furniture , Bags ,Bed Frame ,Tool Box,Misc.
Unit: 254 , RIchard Phelps
Boxes , computers, Furniture , Totes, Books , Misc.
Unit: 422 , James Horn
Boxes,Bags,Step Ladder , Misc.
12:00 PM
Unit: F7013 , Michael Sawyer
Totes, bags
12:00 PM
Unit: B105 , Dawn Maxwell
ac window units, couch, baskets, totes, box, printer, clothes, shoes, mattress, tables, misc.
Unit: D032 , Cynthia A. McCarthur
mattress, box spring, dresser, suitcase, chairs, bed frame, boxes, bag, tote, stereo, misc.
Unit: D041 , Aja Santana
mattress, table, boxes, baskets, crates, chairs, fan, bed frame, misc.
Unit: B214 , Saconda Carr
dresser, toys, baby changing station, totes, tables, boxes, tv, clothes, bed rails, misc.
12:00 PM
Unit: 00832 , Tara Lambert
Reel Mower, Triple Slow cooker, Clothes, Dresser, Books, Globe, Totes and boxes, Misc. household goods
12:00 PM
Unit: B064 , Amanda Pagano
Furniture, Sneakers
Unit: D171 , Richard Ando
tools, microwave, fishing poles, ladders, staging, car jack, tool box
12:00 PM
Unit: 128 , Jules Smythe AKA Jules Walker Smythe
Ladder,Boxes,Totes, Appliances
12:00 PM
Unit: B061 , Frances Muccio
Boxes, Totes, Luggage, Housewares Items
12:00 PM
Unit: H108 , Addrianna Perez
boxes, tv, bags, toys, totes, holiday decor
12:00 PM
Unit: 824 , Marcia Arapian
Pre-Owned Boxes, Car Seat, Printer, Toys, Books
Unit: 344 , Doris Baker
Pre-Owned Furniture, Vacuum, Portable Table, 2 wheel hand truck, Plastic Tote, Bedroom Furniture.
Unit: 450F , Bobby Jackson
Pre-Owned Tools, Boxes, Totes, Battary, Household Goods
Unit: 619 , Michael Rose
Pre-Owned 2 Wheel Hand Truck, Car Ramps, Microwave, Pet Carrier, Shelving, Misc Household Goods
Unit: ODS43 , James Petersen
Pre-Owned / Scrap 1982 Fleetwood RV FL Tag E272GY Vin;1GBJP37J8C3314082
12:00 PM
Unit: 568 , Lisa Carrier AKA Lisa Dawn Carrier
Refrigerator, Freezer, Chair,Table, Mattress, Bed Frame,Cooler, Appliances, Totes
Unit: 304 , Lena D Meriweather AKA Danielle Meriweather
Bed frame, Clothes, Totes, Couch
Unit: 283 , Latisha M. Jenkins AKA Latisha Jenkins AKA Latisha Monique Jenkins
Clothes, Boxes, Totes, Mattress, TV Stand, Two chairs, Dresser Toys
Unit: 561 , Ericka D Felder AKA Ericka Danielle Felder
Rims, Kitchen Table, Totes, Boxes, Clothes, Electronics, Toys Dishes, Two Chairs
12:00 PM
Unit: D8087 , Amy Patterson AKA Amy E. Patterson
Drums, Snowboard, Sled, Skateboard, Skis, Boxes, Bags
Unit: D7004 , Linda A. Rynkowski
Chairs, Household Items, Boxes, Bags, Dresser, Baskets, Bins
Unit: C5012 , Agnes M. Soto
Bikes, Air Conditioner, Mattresses, Box Spring, Clothes, TV, Boxes, Bags
Unit: C6110 , Melissa Strout AKA Melissa E. Strout
Couch, Table
Unit: D8137 , Serreh Badjie
TV's, TV stand, Box, Cabinet, Bins, Vacuum
12:00 PM
Unit: 0315 , Lawrence Green
coffee table,end table,chairs,office chair,misc totes and a fan
Unit: 3016 , Michelle Brown
misc boxs,t.v,misc bags,kids toys,vacuum cleaner
12:00 PM
Unit: 634 , Theresa Thornton AKA Theresa Brown Thornton
Totes, Boxes, Baby Bed
Unit: 190 , Susan & Mike McCabe Aka Michael John McCabe
Boxes, Totes, Crutches
10:00 AM
Unit: 3328 , Taykcira Smith
Mattresses-vacuum-speaker-deep fryer
Unit: 3222 , Carlo Monsanto
Office furniture-chairs-boxes-table-desk
Unit: 2308 , Maria Martinez
Table-household items-toys-boxes
Unit: 3382 , Schron Lawrence
Totes-holiday decorations-boxes-stroller
Unit: 1280 , Brittany Samba
Ironing board-coolers-totes-futon
12:00 PM
Unit: E071 , Angela Williams
Washer/dryer, microwave, misc boxes.
12:00 PM
Unit: E006 , Women's Business Council of Champaign County
Misc craft stuff, bottles, coffee mugs, misc boxes, spinning wheel.
Unit: M016 , Speedie N Mcdowell
Misc boxes, misc bags, Christmas decor.
12:00 PM
Unit: F032 , Robert Brisson
Ladders,Paint,Tool Box,Truck Box,Staging,Spray Painters,Portable Propane Heater,Vacuums
Unit: D082 , Robert Rooney
Fish Tank,Furniture,Tools,Tool Cases,Weights,Power Washer
Unit: K096 , Alyssa Santos
Furniture,Air Conditioners,Books,Boxes,Totes,Electric Heater,Backpack
Unit: A004 , David Wilcox
Wheelbarrow,Wood,Tool Bag,Buckets,Ladder,Table Saw
12:00 PM
Unit: 16464 , Wanda Matos Garrett
totes, tools, garden hose, shovel, rake
Unit: PB002 , Lisa Morse
clothes, boxes, bins, TV, dryer, washer, toys, dresser, file cabinet, misc. furniture
Unit: DD009 , Harry Sweet
sofa, dresser, table, chair, lamps, cabinet, bags, boxes, mirror, fire poker set
Unit: 11266 , Ashley Jackson
totes, luggage, Christmas tree, bags, ornaments, serving trays
Unit: 1811C , C. LaFrance Jenkins
boxes, framed pictures, clothes, lamps, vacuum, mattress, bags, baskets, toys, shoes
Unit: 1804C , Carolyn M Phifer
totes, bags, boxes
Unit: 24083 , Christina M Tessier
boxes, totes, bags, broom, shoes, ironing board
Unit: 18016 , Jason Holman
TV stand, stereo, fan, bags, boxes, table, cooler
Unit: 02584 , Katie Stanley
couch, refrigerator, boxes, bags, chest, chairs, walker
12:00 PM
Unit: G01010 , Norman L Lane
chairs,mirror, TV, stroller, lamp, table, Laundry Plus, fire extinguisher, trash can, pictures, rugs,boxes and clothes
Unit: 140320 , Quintesa Collins
Speakers, clothes, children's toys, baskets, bags and purse
Unit: 003039 , Renee Edmondson
Cabinet, mattress, stroller, baby items, mirror, totes, boxes, clothes, bed frame, garden tools, and fishing poles
12:00 PM
Unit: G130 , Eugenia Burch
bags, totes, luggage, space heater, clothing, shoes
12:00 PM
Unit: 01004 , Harold Henderson
Totes,boxes,luggage,laundry basket,folding chair,small cooler
12:00 PM
Unit: 565 , Kristina M Perez
Totes, Misc. Furniture, Workout Equipment, Skateboard, Kids Toys, & Lamp
Unit: 835 , K-Leigh Taylor
Misc. Tools, Toolboxes, & Clothes
Unit: 725 , Susan C Lewis
Car Rack, Boxes, Totes, Crutches, Kids Toys, Decorations, & Car Seats
12:00 PM
Unit: 473 , Katherine Hanna Aka Katherine N Hanna
Clothes, TV, Toys, Totes, Chair, Dresser, Fishing pole
12:00 PM
Unit: Derek Harper , 132
Furniture, Boxes, Tires, Filing Cabinet
12:00 PM
Unit: B3050 , Stacey Walczak
Chair, Tires, Box Spring, Helmet, Flower Pots, Video Game Equipment
Unit: B3086 , Sandra Aliberti
Mattress, Box Spring, Luggage, Mirror, TV, Vacuum, Lamp, Boxes, Bags
12:00 PM
Unit: 02001 , Elizabeth Epps AKA Elizabeth V. Epps
Bags full of misc. items, duffel bags, backpacks and tote
Unit: 01098 , Dana Cannon
Rug, totes, lamp, home decor, fireplace set, table, boxes and household goods
12:00 PM
Unit: H023 , Shawn Johnson
suitcases,mattresses,boxsprings,electric heater,window ac,metalbed frames,boxes,wooden table,chair,wicker chairs,misc
Unit: D017 , Zynobia Gomez
floor lamps,bags,boxes,metal bed frame,vacuum,comforters,box fan,trash can,black stand,pots,basket, misc.
Unit: F067 , Craig Nelson
clothes,totes,boxes,cabinets,mattress,box spring,jacks,headboard,footboard,step stool,couch,movies,dressers,mirror,printer,figurines,misc.
Unit: F060 , Kirk Clarke
Toys,broom,bags,boxes,keurig,carseat,shoes,balloons, misc.
12:00 PM
Unit: D01 , Cassandra R Mosher
household goods and furnishings, boxes, misc.
Unit: M33 , Esther A MacMurray
household goods and furnishings, boxes, misc.
Unit: R10 , Donna M Thompson
household goods and furnishings, boxes, misc.
Unit: U09 , Elizabeth A Monahan
household goods and furnishings, boxes, misc.
12:00 PM
Unit: 0864 , Celeste Warren
Unit appears to contain: bags, boxes, furniture, movies.
Unit: 0720 , Teshaun Rodriguez
Unit appears to contain: bed, dresser, pool table, hutch, furniture, box, bags
Unit: 0881 , Helen McNutt aka Helen R McNutt
Unit appears to contain: bags, suitcases, bins, christmas items
Unit: 0626 , Michele Breidenbach
Unit appears to contain: bags, boxes, fish tank, movies, sterio, dresser
Unit: 0863 , Corine Collins
Unit appears to contain: bikes, excercise equipment, barbie car, boxes, wheelchair.
12:00 PM
Unit: 03008 , Randy Case
Desk,chair,tub,book case,vacuum
12:00 PM
Unit: 132 , Robin Lee
Furniture, Grill, Cooler, Bed Frame, Car Seats, Dry Vacuum, Fish Tank, Air Conditioner, Twin Stroller, Micro Waves
12:00 PM
Unit: 597 , Doug Lodge aka Douglas Lodge
Boxes, Bags, Stand
12:00 PM
Unit: A10 , Jason D Saville
household goods and furnishings, boxes, misc.
12:00 PM
Unit: 0483 , Melissa Yando
Boxes,Christmas Decorations, Stool, Table, Fluorescent Light, bags, toys, misc.
Unit: 0320 , Michele Nevers aka Michelle Nevers
Vehicle Seat, table, Christmas tree, couch, clothes, curio cabinet, vacuums, lamps, misc. household, boxes, bags, electronics, misc.pans, toys, tools, totes, outdoor chairs, suitcase