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and must be fully paid by 10am on the date specified below to stop the scheduled auction.

* only available in FL, CO and TN


as of 8:21PM, Saturday, April 29, 2017

NOTE: Winning bidders may access their acquired property during office hours only. Other restrictions may apply.

April 27, 2017
April 28, 2017
April 29, 2017
May 01, 2017
May 02, 2017
May 04, 2017
May 05, 2017
May 08, 2017
May 09, 2017
May 10, 2017
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May 23, 2017
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May 27, 2017
May 30, 2017
April 27, 2017
10:00 AM
Unit: 2082 , Tim D Reinhardt
Boxes, bags, end tables, suitcases, desk chair, electronics, cooler
Unit: 2011 , Alejandro Correa-Garfias
Totes, bags, Mattress, chair, Automotive rims, trophy, electronics, bed frame
Unit: 041 , Joe Gomez
Bicycle, Tables, Chairs, Area rugs, totes, vacuum, shelving unit, electronics, box spring, Misc. household goods
Unit: 2100 , Cynthia Reyes
Ladder, Boxes, dressers, bed frame
Unit: 2146 , Esther Tranchita
boxes, totes, musical instument cases, plastic shelves Bags
Unit: 2158 , Esther Tranchita
dolly, patio furniture, dressers, cabinets, mattresses, grill
Unit: 2150 , Esther Tranchita
Boxes, totes, bags, Bicycle, vacuum, shelving unit
10:00 AM
Unit: C19 , Grace Norton
Unit: K6 , Joseph Mariano AKA Joeseph Maricino
Tool box,Portable grill,Fishing pole,Shop vac,Totes,Helmet,Tools, Ladder,Bags,Pictures​
10:00 AM
Unit: A147 , Sheila Hudson
refrigerator, washer, dryer, boxes, toy car, cooler, dresser, bar stools, VCR, amp
Unit: A85 , Sheila Hudson
Misc boxes, car parts
Unit: D028 , Travarous Archie
Wardrobe chest, drawers, headboards, bed rails, misc boxes, night stand, wall art
10:00 AM
Unit: 025 , Tony Mendygral
file cabinet, carpet, air compressor, generator, dresser, tool chests, plastic bins
Unit: 106 , Arrie and Owen Bernard
plastic file, Baby car seat, kids bike, Hand truck, card table
Unit: 057 , Robert Borgwald
Bed frame, headboard, couch, folding table, dresser, file cabinet, shelf
10:00 AM
Unit: 0056 , Michelle Tubbs
Couch, ladders, headboard, footboard, bench grinder, dresser, chest, bookshelf.
10:00 AM
Unit: 242 , William D Merrill
Tools, Boxes, Mirror, Head Board, Foot Board
Unit: 420B , Lauren Cooke
Dryer, Boxes, Dresser, Lamps, Picture
10:00 AM
Unit: 515 , Ester Bryant aka-Ester Louise Bryant
Furniture, couch, chairs, bed, toys, electronics, totes
10:00 AM
Unit: 284 , Julie A Hager AKA Julie Hager
Stove, furniture, totes, boxes, books, dolls.
Unit: 242 , Anna Bruner
Furniture, totes, boxes, bags, fan.
Unit: 219 , Randall Williams
Boxes, folding chair, bags, office chair.
10:00 AM
Unit: 2008 , Derrick Sherrod
Bike, Helmet, Clothes, Jacket, Basketball
10:00 AM
Unit: 419 , Eric Alleyne aka Eric Alleyne Jr.
Weight bench, weights, boxes, tote, shoes, computer monitor
10:00 AM
Unit: M008 , Jerry Ricketts
bow & arrow, bed, box spring, ladder, car seat, night stand, boxes, bags and totes
10:00 AM
Unit: 00169 , Sara Gatzimas
Shovels, Furniture, Bags, Chairs, Totes
Unit: 00562 , Amanda L. Jones
Furniture, Household items, Mattresses, Bags, Totes
Unit: 00331 , Corey Dyer
Gas Cans, Tires, Couch , Fans, Tools, Boxes
Unit: 00776 , Brian J. Welch
Totes, Bags, Mirror, Household Items.
10:00 AM
Unit: B046 , House Unit
piano, furniture, chair, misc.
Unit: C071 , House Unit
chair, boxes, ladder miscellaneous items
10:00 AM
Unit: B106 , Sonya Reynolds
tables, TV's, mirror, box spring, mattress, crates, electronics, boxes, bags, trash can, locker, clothes, shoes, misc.
10:00 AM
Unit: H319B , Autumn Sidmons
totes, bags, mattress
10:00 AM
Unit: G017 , Jenny Stine
Dryer, book shelf, desk chair, bags, recliner, lamp, surround bar, printer, stuffed animals, fake plant and misc
10:00 AM
Unit: 02309 , House unit
File cabinet, boxes
Unit: 03107 , House unit
Desk, chairs, exercise equipment and furniture
10:00 AM
Unit: 0140 , Carroll Chimney Sweeps
Wire welder, rolling tool boxes, bicycle, compressor, hydraulic jack, tools, grinder, chain saw, dresser, couch
10:00 AM
Unit: 414 , Deborah Fanning
Chairs, Totes, Clothes, Basket, Vacuum, Suitcase, Toolboxes, Boxes, Table
10:00 AM
Unit: 510 , Ellery Smith
Bags, Bins,Boxes, Windows, Furniture
Unit: 153 , Marc Camiolo
Mattresses, Furniture, Guitar Case,Bins, Boxes
10:00 AM
TV, Boxes, Bags, Totes, Cabinet, Lamp, Kids Toys, Mirror
Chairs, Shelf, Boxes, Gate, Totes, Bikes
10:00 AM
Unit: L0009 , Jennifer Vissing
Furniture, Electronics, Boxes, Totes
10:00 AM
Unit: D171 , Richard A. Ando
tools, microwave, electric scooter, fishing rods, framed pictures, staging, car jack, ladders
10:00 AM
Unit: 0630A , House Unit
Furniture, boxes, bags, chair
Unit: 0306 , House Unit
Exercise equipment, Boxes, Bags, Furniture, Bikes, grill, tv, tools, toys
Unit: 0344B , House Unit
Boxes, bags furniture, speakers
10:00 AM
Unit: 366 , Guanlin Chen
Boxes, luggage bags, pillow, blow dryer, bag, tote.
10:00 AM
Unit: D8095 , Philip Trasher AKA Philip A Trasher Jr
Box, bins, camping items
10:00 AM
Unit: 004 , Gary Sanford
Household Goods
Unit: 023 , John Mousis
Household Goods
Unit: 325 , MaryAnn Nochnuk
Household Goods
Unit: 340 , Alisha Angel Polanco aka Alisha Polanco aka Angel Polanco
Household Goods
Unit: 422 , Renee Bechtold
Household Goods
Unit: 463 , Patricia Perry
Household Goods
Unit: 508 , Betsy Martinez
Household Goods
Unit: 544 , Kimberly Huertas
Household Goods
Unit: 545 , Kimberly Descoteaux
Household Goods
Unit: 551 , Emilio Rodriguez
Household Goods
Unit: 554 , Derek Glaude
Household Goods
Unit: 624 , John Cozy
Household Goods
Unit: 629 , Stephanie Purtell
Household Goods
Unit: 705 , Frederick Buck aka Rick Buck
Household Goods
Unit: 734 , Lisa Fernandes
Household Goods
Unit: 735 , Patrick Starr
Household Goods
10:00 AM
Unit: B135 , Eric Hosdaghian, NY Construction Group
Office Equipment, Office electronics, exercise equipment, boxes, bins.
Unit: B232 , Urslia Berry
Household Items, Boxes, Bins
Unit: C71 , Breanna Mesquita
Household Items, Appliance, Boxes, Bags,Bins
Unit: A308 , House unit
Bed, Cart, Area Rug, Boxes, Bags
10:00 AM
Unit: 0640 , Lisa M. Beckwith Aka Lisa Beckwith
Furniture, bedding and boxes
10:00 AM
Unit: 0098 , Susan Shoman
boxes, totes, shoes, household items
Unit: 1142 , Michael A Azeglio
Bags, Boxes, Furniture, lawn care equipment, exercise equipment, house hold goods.
10:00 AM
Unit: 01D06 , Wendy Boehme
Bikes, bins, fish tank, bags, clothes, vacuum
Unit: 30C03 , Kinberley Caldwell
Boxes, furniture, toys, clothes, bins
Unit: 01D07 , Joanne Coleman
Furniture, boxes, pictures, bags, toys
Unit: 01C05 , Bobbi Corbin
Clothes, boxes, bins
Unit: 01J07 , Wayne Dove
Toys, bins, bags, luggage
Unit: DB007 , Angela Grissett
Bags, luggage, TV
Unit: 32139 , Sebrina N Livingston
Boxes, bins, speaker, vacuums, appliances
Unit: DB008 , Shasta Paige
Boxes, bags, luggage
Unit: 26660 , Lisa Sellers
Boxes, toys, tennis racket, TV, dresser, bins
Unit: 19026 , Doug Spivey
Box spring, bed rails, rocking chair, bins, chairs, dresser
10:00 AM
Unit: 661 , Tracy Holman aka Tracy Weatherly Holman
box-spring, mattress, ladder, cabinet, golf clubs, misc.
10:00 AM
Unit: 1209 , Evette Revels
Mattress, Couch, Furniture, Bag
10:00 AM
Unit: 0044 , Gregory Troncoso Concepcion
Couch, Air Hockey Table, Bike, Toaster Oven, Boxes, Totes, Desk, Chair, Printer, Bed Set​
Unit: 0087 , William McKinnon AKA William A. McKinnon
Boxes, Clothes
Unit: 0105 , Nicholas Harrington AKA Nicholas Robert Harrington
Kids Toys, Baby Clothes, Bassinet, Dresser, Boxes, Totes, Stands, Clothes, DVDs​
10:00 AM
Unit: 04062 , Shonta D Johnson
Sectional sofa,desk,Boxes,Toys,Wracks,Tv Stand,Clothes
10:00 AM
Unit: A337 , Florence Sanger AKA Florence Sager
furniture, mirrors, lamps, books, boxes, totes
Unit: 246 , House Unit
Mattresses, bicycle, furniture, boxes
10:00 AM
Unit: 0103 , Erin Wright
Stroller, Couch, Dresser, Boxes, Totes, Kids Toys, Bed Frame, Mattress, Box Springs, Lights, Tables, Chairs, Electronics
Unit: 0232 , William Decker AKA William LeRoy Decker
Microwave, Clothes, Vacuum, Shoes, Bed Frame, Mattress, Tools, Table, Electronics, Totes, Boxes, Safes
10:00 AM
Unit: 0666B , William Johnston
Bed frames, chairs, clock, wardrobe, box springs, Christmas decorations, suitcases, clothes, pillows, boxes, table, plastic drawers.
10:00 AM
Unit: Q11 , Frederick Curtis
household goods and furnishings, boxes, misc
Unit: C32 , Sadie Danahy
household goods and furnishings, boxes, misc
10:00 AM
Unit: 347 , Michael D. Rivera
Tires, Boxes, Motorcycle Accessories
Unit: 545 , Colleen Lynett
Dresser, Bags, Boxes, Stands, Bunk Bed, Tables, Clothes, Pictures
Unit: 703 , Daniel J. Tallman III AKA Daniel Tallman
Dressers, Chairs, Coffee Pot, Clothing, Pillows, Bedding, Hair Appliances
Unit: 524 , Judith Boldish (Deceased)
Records, Boxes, Albums, Walker, Clothes
10:00 AM
Unit: 128 , Jules Smythe
Ladder, boxes, totes, appliances
10:00 AM
Unit: 334 , Ivan C. Moore AKA Ivan Moore
TV, Stand, Backpacks, Boxes, Record Albums, Fan, Bags, Sneakers, Electronics
Unit: 0575 , Michael Lareau AKA Michael N. Lareau
Chair, Pushcart, Loveseat, Bed, A/C, Food, Fan, Totes, Bags, Stand, Vacuum
Unit: 0522 , Michael Allbright
Heater, Mattresses, Bed, Picture, Dresser, Bags, Mirror
10:00 AM
Unit: 01022 , Shamika S Johnson
Boxes,tote,books,iron board,razor scooter,stand
10:00 AM
Unit: B0021 , Kennedy Ingram
Plastic Tubs, Furniture, Suitcase, Bags, Appliances.
Unit: D0042 , Joe K Owens
Furniture Mattress Chairs Speakers Plastic Bins.
Unit: A69F0 , Chris Aldridge
Plastic Bins Boxes Clothes Furniture.
Unit: C0060 , Diamond Jackson
Boxes Furniture Dresser
Unit: D0065 , Christopher Barret C/O Calvin Barrett
Furniture Mattress Freezer
Unit: E0028 , Ellen Harris
Bags, Baskets, Boxes, Plastic Bins.
Unit: E0081 , Marion Nuckolls
Bedding, Ladder, Boxes, Bags.
Unit: E0151 , Mitchell Harris
Furniture, Plastic Bins, Lamps, Bags, Chairs.
10:00 AM
Unit: B120 , Edwin Mercado
Two sets of rims with tires.
Unit: B008 , Willie Jones
Furniture, Speakers, Car Seat, Boxes, Totes, Bags, Etc.
10:00 AM
Unit: 03059 , Shawn Burwell
Mattress,tables,sofa,bags, clothes
10:00 AM
Unit: 0678A , Andrew Mellon
Propane tanks, grill, tools, levels, cooler, ladder, dolly
Unit: 0333 , Nick Noel with Virginia Beach Pools AKA Nicodemo Vincenzo Noel with Virginia Beach Pools
Fishing poles, cement mixer, concrete block, chairs, misc.
10:00 AM
Unit: B010 , Melissa Thompson
Misc furniture, laundry basket
10:00 AM
Unit: E022 , Wilton Klein
Misc house hold items, military bag, cooler, misc house hold decorations, couch, chairs
10:00 AM
Unit: 0612OO , Angeline Deptula
Outside chairs, kids toys, animal/bird cages, ladders, misc tools.
10:00 AM
Unit: 00610I , Hassan N Washington
Misc house hold items, clothing, misc kitchen equipment, kids toys.
10:00 AM
Unit: 0005 , Eric L Meyer
Misc restaurant equipment, misc tubs, restaurant style table and chairs
10:00 AM
Unit: B3086 , Sandra Aliberti
Household items, mattress, box springs, TV, lamp, luggage, mirror, vacuum, boxes, bags.
10:00 AM
Unit: 2081 , Davide Coutinho
Shop Vac,Albums,Boots,Totes,Books,Dresser